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SM Johnson ~ Dare in the Dungeon ~ pre-release teaser

Someone asked for a teaser....

Ready or not, here it comes! (Estimated date of release September 15, 2014)

The winning cover image, which I will purchase and start working with as soon as this beast goes to beta readers! This isn't too far off from the cover, except I might make those bright white corners a bit more transparent, and I will definitely be fixing the font to match the previous books in the series.

Dare in the Dungeon, excerpt.

"You're still holding on, Dare. Still pretending."

Dare was kneeling in ready stance, naked, and Thomas' observation made him cringe. An embarrassed flush flooded through him. Embarrassed because it was true. Embarrassed because although he claimed he wanted to submit for real, he couldn't quite get there. He couldn't get out of his own way enough to let Thomas truly take control. Dare always had at least one clenched ball of inner reserve held tight. Most of the time he had layers of that reserve, a shield, and he could drop one, maybe, but the rest remained, a knot of clarity, a space of the reasonable, the rational – still living inside his head. A place he could hide.

If he really let go, who would hold him together? Thomas? Did Thomas love him enough? Did anyone?

"I think you have to hurt him."

That's was Zach's voice, quiet, almost sad. "I've seen what he's after, loss of all reserve, all inhibition. It comes after trauma. And it comes with pain, more pain, or a different kind of pain, than he's been getting from the flogger or the strap. And it comes with fear."

Goddamn Zach the fucking ICU nurse.

Dare wanted to shrink away from them, run home and curl into his bed, head underneath the covers. Safe.



He felt a shudder work its way from the nape of his neck to the tip of his tailbone.

Roman's dungeon party. The submissives, the ones that were truly controlled by their dominants, writhing in pain, letting loose mindless cries, begging, crawling. Reduced to trembling bits of id.

Pain did that.

And fear.

And certain humiliating indignities.

Thomas' voice came like a whip crack. "Dare. Yes or no."

A choice. To never get there, or give them permission to hurt him.
The raised platform at Roman's party. Roman holding one whip, Suede holding another. Dare and Jeff on their knees, arms wrapped around each other, cocks pressed together. Lashes from the whip getting meaner and meaner, the leather jock that gave Dare some semblance of privacy torn away, and then rutting against Jeff, desperate crying, losing all awareness of the audience, all his life reduced to the one moment, clinging, hips thrusting mindlessly...
The mean strike from the punishment brush, a thousand pinpoints of pain, and he was sorry, so sorry for his disobedience, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll be good. Love me, please, I am nothing, empty. Fill me up.

Pain did that. Only pain took him out of himself, opened him that wide.

Dare took in a breath, fought the urge to wrap his arms around himself, fought his every instinct for self-protection.

And answered.

"Yes." He thought he'd say more than that, but he managed that one word, and then was seized with dread, because surely he'd regret this.

And then he waited, breath held.

The air itself seemed to wait.

"Yes, you want me to hurt you?"

"Please," Dare whispered.

"Oh I will, esse, believe me, I will."

The words left Dare trembling with a combination of terror and anticipation. If you're in, be all in. More of Roman's words, his attempts to get Dare to really let go.

"What are you thinking?" Zach asked, and Dare started to answer, but realized, when Zach continued thinking out loud, that the question wasn't directed at him. "Beating him wouldn't be very sexy. Kind of crude, really, although I can see some appeal in leaving bruises here and there."

"I know a million ways to inflict pain," Thomas answered. "Some of them leave marks, but many of them don't."

Dare felt the air shift as Thomas walked a circle around him. "Dare. Do you know what a sound is?"

Dare didn't, but before he could say so, he heard Zach's hiss of indrawn breath, and slight gasp of exhale. Apparently he knew.

The trembling got worse.

Thomas released a soft chuckle. "Zach knows. Do you, Dare?"

Dare shook his head, too full of dread to even find words.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SM Johnson ~ Dare in the Dungeon - coming soon!

All right, darlings, it's Thursday, although not exactly morning anymore... but I think ya'll deserve an update, hmm?

I've had a few people asking (begging?) for Dare in the Dungeon - and it makes me feel bad (haha, actually, it makes me feel AWESOME) - but then bad again, because I've been promising all summer to get this book done, and honestly, I've had exactly pretty much NO TIME TO WRITE.

Yes, this is annoying.

And yes, this is terrible for my mental health.

There's this Virgo/perfectionist thing I have that won't let me publish a half-assed book. I kind of feel like I published Three in the Dungeon too fast, if you want my honest opinion, and I am just not doing that again. So yes, I'll make you wait. But gods, I really hope it will be worth it.

I've written bits and snippets at work, but night shift is not nearly as writing productive as I thought it would be, mostly because I get so damn sleepy that there's not enough coffee in the world to perk me up enough to write anything coherent, much less anything good.

But now I am digressing into whining and we just can't be having that.

I wrote 8,000 words YESTERDAY. By hand. In a notebook. I could not stop. It was truly wonderful. This gives me hope that I will finish the draft and send it to beta readers by September 1st. Which means I should be publishing Dare in the Dungeon by the middle of September.... so yay?

Yes, YAY!

I know it feels like it's been taking me damn forever... but maybe ya'll have forgotten that I wrote and published Jeremiah Quick in the meantime? Ooooh, yeah, nobody's reading that one. Well. Ya'll seriously do not know what you are missing (grin). I mean, look at these reviews at Goodreads! Everyone who's read Jeremiah Quick has loved it. Okay, maybe not true. But they've at least been unable to stop reading it, so that's something, right? Smashwords or Amazon. Huh. Can't seem to find it at Barnes and Noble, dang it. But here's a secret - it's "set your own price" at Smashwords, so it's FREE if you want it to be!

It's dark and twisted - but ya'll should be getting used to that from me by now (giggles. and no, I'm not southern, I just love 'ya'll' to pieces). Dark, creepy, beautiful... sigh. Jeremiah is, whoa, something else again. Trust me. You'll like him. Hopefully you'll like him so much you'll write reviews!

Okay, so back to telling ya'll about Dare. (See? Ya'll. Gods, I just love that. It means all of you, every one, my darlings, my friends, my readers - at the same time).

 (if you haven't read the prior Dungeon books, there may be spoilers ahead)

Dare. Remember where we left off? In Three in the Dungeon Dare and Zach have met a Dominant named Thomas - the same Dominant who brought Roman to his knees back in book 2, Out of the Dungeon. So Dare and Zach are getting to know Thomas, and trying out some BDSM scenes. And Thomas - well let me tell you - you didn't see it so much when he has that scene with  Roman (the one where he whipped the bottoms of Roman's feet and then fucked him) but he has a hang-up or two about hygiene, and this really trips Dare up. Because Dare really doesn't want to do what Thomas requires him to do. Heh. Gods, I love being evil.

Thomas may not be as subtle as Roman (is Roman subtle?) and he talks a little crude when he gets into a particular mood, and something about that sets Dare's every nerve on fire...

Let's see... what else do I want you to remember? Oh! Roman inherited Gigi's house in Minnesota, and moved there, along with Jeff, Vanessa, and the baby (Cassandra). There's not a ton of Vanessa in this book, because ya'll have indicated you don't care a whole lot for lesbian love - but suffice to say she's feeling like a third wheel in Roman and Jeff's relationship (fourth wheel, maybe? Because Jason still comes around) and anyway, Vanessa is seeking a relationship to call her own.

This book (shakes head). Man, it's like threesome after threesome after threesome. I swear I did NOT do that on purpose - I think I just hate to break anyone up, especially when no one deserves to be dumped -  so... the more the merrier?

Be prepared for that weirdness, is all I'm going to say about that.

I do love me a good threesome, though, lol.

And going back to Three in the Dungeon - don't forget Jeff is working out his difficulty with bondage and BDSM in general, after the trauma of having had a broken neck, being in traction, and all of that.

AND, last but not least... do you remember Hawk and Boy? Jeff and Vanessa were eavesdropping as they approached Dr. Mitch Minotti in Minnesota, asking him to help them with their little sexual problem... does this sound familiar? I hope so, because Dare in the Dungeon includes a 25 page medical kink bonus story of just how, exactly, Dr. Mitch helps Hawk and Boy (wide eyes - I know! Awesome, right?)


All righty then. Are you going to be ready for Dare in the Dungeon come mid-September?

Do you need a little help being ready?

Okay, here's the series line-up:

Above the Dungeon, Book 1 - Free EVERYWHERE.
Nook Smashwords Amazon

Out of the Dungeon, Book 2 - $2.99
Nook Smashwords Amazon

Three in the Dungeon, Book 3 - $2.99
Nook Smashwords Amazon

SURPRISE! Until October 31, 2014, get Three in the Dungeon FREE by adding it to your Smashwords cart and entering coupon code AF23V at checkout. Go ahead and share the coupon with your friends!


Would you like to see some cover mock-ups for Dare in the Dungoen? Nothing's final yet, no stock photos have been purchases, I don't own these images and the following are not FINAL cover drafts - this is like brainstorming. I'd love to hear some comments from you (ya'll) - so don't be shy! (I know, I need the font from the other covers, right? I think, yeah, that'll help). So far I'm leaning toward image #1 as my favorite... he just has that sort of .... Dare sweetness. And a bit of the Ivy League, too.

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SM Johnson ~ Giveaway~ Jeremiah Quick + bonus gift

Hello, my darlings.

Just a quick note to let you know that Cute Peach is hosting a Jeremiah Quick giveaway from July 22 through August 5th. The prize is an ebook copy of Jeremiah Quick, in whichever electronic format you like, with an additional bonus of a paperback copy of either The Kingdom of Heaven or Schadenfreude by one of my favorite authors, 19.

The winner will need to provide an email address to receive Jeremiah Quick directly or a coupon code for Smashwords if preferred, and a mailing address to receive the paperback of their choice. I will not retain either address or add to them to any mailing list. I'm way too lazy for all of that (grin).

So come and enter! And tell your friends!

I'd appreciate any RT or reblogs ya'all are able to do.

(And HUGE THANKS to Cute Peach!)