Monday, January 26, 2009

Assassin Jaxx

Assassin Jaxx – 56,700 words

Raised by an activist father and a passive mother, Jacqueline “Jaxx” Jenkins spent half of her life learning to think for herself. When her father is killed and her mother marries into the Church, Jaxx finds herself thrown into the hypocritical society of America’s national religion. After years of quietly simmering with rage, Jaxx comes of age and embarks on a quest to uphold both her parents’ beliefs: She’s going to assassinate Jesus.

The year is 2070 and Jaxx Jenkins is 21 and coming into her own. The United States of America has become the United Church of America. Jaxx is stumbling toward adulthood and knows she believes in the separation of church and state, but also has become accustomed to the perks of being a Church member. She accepts training as an assassin believing that her assignments will target false prophets bilking common people for personal profit. When she meets her first assignment, Dio, she’s astonished to find that he actually performs miracles... and beyond that, he’s sexy as hell and she likes him. Dio doesn’t preach for profit – he’s looking for a team of people who will help him “win” the next Presidential decision, a position in which he can officially divorce church from government and reinstate the democracy that was the original foundation of America.

Jaxx has been home-schooled, educated in Church school, and slept her way to graduation from Camp God’s Will, where she was sent after she brought another girl to prom in a rebellious attempt to shock some life into her conformist classmates.

As she investigates her first assignment, Jaxx suffers friendly ridicule from her best friend, rekindles an old romance, spends time in a psychiatric ward, makes a new friend, and falls in love with the man she is supposed to kill.

Assassin Jaxx was written in 30 days during the National Novel Writer’s Challenge Month of November, 2007. It has since been edited and proof-read, added to, subtracted from, changed, and refined.

The author, SM Johnson, lives in northern Wisconsin, and works on a psychiatric unit. She married her summer fling of seventeen years back, has a sassy daughter, a teenage-parent-wanna-be-rock-star step-son, an infant granddaughter, and an annoying dog. She sometimes writes feature articles for the Zenith City Weekly. She much prefers writing fiction.
She has also written two vampire novels (90,000 words each) that target the gay (versus mainstream) market. DeVante’s Coven was a runner-up in the 2008 Project: QueerLit contest sponsored by Suspect Thoughts Press, and DeVante’s Children (a runner up in the 2006 Project: QueerLit contest) will be available in February 2009 as an e-book from Torquere Press.

Assassin Jaxx is her first non-vampire novel.

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