Friday, January 29, 2010

On the writing front...

Wow, I don't update this very often. I have so many social network sites - that sometimes it is overwhelming to get updates everywhere.

I am also making a concerted effort in 2010 to do more writing at this computer than social networking. Once I open Explorer for any reason, it is easy to procrastinate. I find myself googling old friends, reading random blogs, and god forbid "stumbling upon" strange and wonderous things.


The vampires:

DeVante's Children is due out in paperback in 2011. Whether before or after the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival (I'll be there!) in New Orleans in May, I could not say. I am working on weaving in a Tony/Lily subplot, who were introduced in DeVante's Coven. (Rebel/Satori Press, October 2009). Book 3 (DeVante's Choice) is so much about Tony that leaving him out of the paperback edition of this book would feel like a huge omission. So I am trying to prevent that.

DeVante's Choice has no publication date at the moment, but is coming along nicely. I wrote half of it during NaNoWriMo 2008, and if words can be mined like gems, then I left myself a motherlode. I am still pondering the time line of this book, and god only knows what Daniel and Reed have been up to. Perhaps they are too involved in their BDSM games to speak to me. I have faith that they will start speaking when I need them to. Writing is like that. But if those two haven't been talking to me, Tony more than makes up for it. He is experiencing some pretty intense stuff in this book, and because I needed some education about Native things, I contacted someone I have wanted to know for a long time but have been too shy to approach. How lucky that I did so, because it turns out that we really needed one another. We just didn't know it yet.

Other writing:

I sold an erotic novel called Above the Dungeon to Torquere Press (April 2010), to be published as an ebook. This book contains some of my most beautiful writing to date, and I really love it. The subject matter is *not* mainstream, it's all erotic fantasy, power exchange, and dominance and submission. The primary relationship is between boys. I know, not for everyone, but it was great fun to write. It's really graphic and hot, hot hot.

For NaNoWriMo 2009 I worked on a YA spin off of my in-progress novel A Year of Sundays. This is my self-challenge to write something "clean" - i.e. minimal explicit erotica and minimal offensive language - basically, to write something that my mother might enjoy reading. A Year of Sundays focuses on a group of adult siblings getting real with each other and strengthening their relationships after the death of their mother. There are five siblings, and so far it's a pretty big story to tell.

The spin off, which I've tentively titled Get a Clue, follows the daughter of one of hte aforementioned siblings as she puts together what she knows and what she's refused to know in order to cope with her mother having an intmate relationship with another woman. I'm not sure this novel is really going anywhere. I wound up needing a root canal in November and lost probably 2 weeks of writing time due to mind-numbing pain, and I only wrote about 35,000 words. I was disappointed, but hey, life happens, right? One of the difficulties I had was that I think I undermined the main character's emotional intelligence. Her powers of observation are more like those of an 8 year old than a 14 year old. Being that I'm not exposed to teens of this age group, I might not be qualified to write this particular book for another 8 years or so.

My 2007 NaNo novel (Assassin Jaxx) sits in a drawer. I'm not sure if it's dead in the water, but it's too short to market as an adult novel, and has too many adult concepts to market as YA. I need to write about ten more chapters to really make it into something, but I wrote it while my father was dying, and have little interest in revisiting that difficult time.

Finally... I got knocked upside the head two nights ago with an idea for another book. I don't even have a working title yet, just four pages of legal pad paper filled with scribbles front and back. The characters are popping to life incredibly fast. It's like I received the plot and the character histories in one giant flash. So I will spend a few days writing out what's already in my head, and then drag myself back to the revision of a contracted book. I have to allow myself to do some preliminary writing or my brain will get totally obsessed with the new story and it will be very hard to force myself to work on the other projects that need completing. This book is a totally new genre for me, so I also have to do some research, which looks a lot like reading for pleasure. Oh darn. I hate that. (smile).

There. Updated. Yay!


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