Friday, April 23, 2010

It's not exactly writer's block...

It's more like writer's ambivalence.

I have plenty of projects I could be working on. Vampires? But of course. Lesbian Romance? Yeah, I've got one of those. Family Drama Saga? Yep. Young Adult coming of age story? Yes, 30,000 words on that one.

I could also be learning a whole lot more about marketing than I know at the moment.

But nothing is getting my juices flowing this week. Perhaps because I have a cold and managed to cough my back out of whack. Perhaps because I'm going on vacation in about three weeks, (Saints and Sinners Literary Festival) and no matter what I get motivated to work on, I know I'll be taking a week long hiatus.

Some it, is, perhaps, computer angst. I am writing this blog on a mini-computer, the concept of which I adore. The application, however, I do not so much adore. They keyboard is small, the shift key so small that I often accidentally hit the 'page up' key, and that is driving me mad.

And in the literal application sense, I'm using a trial of MS Word that keeps telling me I have 25, 24, 23, 22 uses before I need to enter a registration code. Unfortunately the version on my other computer was an update, so my registration code isn't going to help me on the mini computer. Sigh. Not sure what I'm going to do about all of that. Something, I imagine.

I'm not used to working off a flash drive all the time, and keep forgetting to back stuff up, so the latest versions of everything might not all be stored in the same place. Talk about a writer's nightmare.

But. I got a beautiful review of Above the Dungeon, and a request for a sequel from the reviewer. Yay! It can't get much better than that, even for an abivalent writer!

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