Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Writing

Writing is so many things. Writing is napping and dreaming and staring off into space weaving a fantasy. It is wondering "what if..." and imagining the possibilities. It is casting characters, putting words into people's mouths, looking for love, and seeking revenge.

Writing is conferences and festivals, having conversations with long-admired people, and coming to admire people never before known. It is talking and feeling and crying and laughing.

Writing is exploring a new city, learning to ride a motorcycle, jumping out of an airplane, rising into the morning sky beneath a brilliant balloon.

Writing is an excuse to seek adventure and experience.

And then, eventually, to be a writer one must take all of the above and use it to create something where before there was nothing. One must sit down, quiet one's mind, and force words to march along the page.

What an awesome life.

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