Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marketing and procrastination

My husband calls it procrastination.

I attempt to disagree.

Time spent reading novels is called "research."

Time spent making blogs pretty is called "preliminary steps to paid advertising." (One needs a landing site, after all, if one is thinking about pay-per-click ads).

Time surfing Facebook, CafeMom, and FetLife can always be called "marketing " or "networking."

Time spend on Twitter is... um. All of the above? Twitterpating? Eh, or perhaps it's just another way to talk myself out of typing words that are leading to something bigger.

Blame it on the desk (or lack thereof, actually). Blame it on the sunshine. Blame it on the summertime.

Overload of ideas. Lack of motivation. Or rather - lots of motivation to work on something new, and little motivation to proof and edit something old.

Next up.... writing process and playlist

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