Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 - Out of the Dungeon excerpt

Roman's ringing cell phone startled Dare awake, and he shivered despite the light blanket that covered him. He blinked a couple of times, trying to adjust to being awake, but it was the smell of coffee that snapped his eyes open. He was supposed to get up, make the coffee, and deliver it to Roman in bed. It was ritual, expected. No, more than that, it was required of Dare when he spent the night. It was one his simpler tasks, one that didn't require him to be immersed in submission, and pleasant purely because Roman was easy to be with when he was drowsy and content.

Roman wasn't always easy. But coffee mornings had the potential for hours of gentle teasing, long talks, and unfettered sex.

Jeff had planned to go to work early, and that left space for Dare to have Roman to himself for the morning, or even half the day, if that's how things played out. And however unfair it would be to admit it, Dare looked forward to having Roman all to himself once in a while. The complications of this three-way love affair were getting tiresome. Always drama. Seemed like there just wasn't enough of Roman to ever keep either Jeff or Dare happy for more than an hour a day. Dare thought of himself and Jeff like children vying for the attention of a parent. It was sibling rivalry to the extreme.

The rivalry caused Dare to consent to new experiences faster than he would otherwise, made him hold his tongue and choke back his safe word, in some asinine attempt to measure up to the standard of Jeff. And who ever could? Jeff and Roman had been together for years and years. Jeff was Roman's perfect slave, and Roman was Jeff's perfect Master, because they had grown into it together.

Jeff did everything he could to serve and make Roman comfortable. That was their deal, and part of their Master/slave contract. And it wasn't just some cold agreement – Jeff got off on serving Roman. It made him hard. Jeff probably fantasized about pleasing Roman by organizing the closets. Not that there was anything wrong with that – they were, after all, consenting adults.

But bringing the coffee when he slept over was about Dare's limit of servitude.

At the beginning, when the whole scene was part exciting, part uncomfortable, Dare teased Jeff about being the perfect urban housewife. Jeff was forever running around the apartment, sorting mail, picking stuff up and putting it away, cooking their meals, cleaning up. Taking the garbage out. Scrubbing toilets. Jeff kept the apartment spotless, and all while sporting an impressive erection.

That sort of thing was beyond Dare. Roman coaxing Dare beyond his comfort zone and into kink was erotic, but unloading the dishwasher would never be a turn on.

Jeff said Dare was a bottom, not a slave, and Dare thought that was probably right, so he still stayed at his cousin's place more often than not, and when he failed to stay hard while unloading Roman's dishwasher, he didn't internalize it or consider it a failure.

Dare knew he frustrated Roman with non-compliance, but it wasn't on purpose. What Roman had with Jeff was unusual, lucky, maybe, the perfect Master/slave complement that fulfilled the desires of both parties. Jeff was turned on by serving, Roman by being served. It was no wonder their relationship stayed strong over the years, even when Jeff fancied himself in love with someone else.

Roman had been counting on Jeff's next "someone else" being Dare, but Dare could tell it wasn't happening. Instead, he was an interloper here, a sharp, painful point of the triangle that made up this triad, the member of the group who's very presence jabbed Jeff and caused constant pain.

Dare couldn't fathom that Roman didn't know this. And Dare already made the decision that he had to walk away to preserve the happiness that Roman and Jeff had been enjoying together for a dozen years. There was no other way. Whether Roman loved Dare or Dare maybe loved Roman didn't figure into the equation. It was unfair for Jeff to give up personal autonomy and independence and then be forced into a polyamorous relationship with Dare that lacked spark. Lacked love. Not okay. Dare wasn't going to be the end of Roman and Jeff.

But it was going to be hard. Dare had shoved all the complications out of his head last night, and hoped to keep them at bay this morning. He'd planned to talk to Roman soon, maybe Sunday afternoon, when they were all here together. Dare would call the equivalent of a family meeting, suggest that he had to retreat for his own sanity. See where things went from there.

Last night. Dare smiled to himself thinking about it. Soon he would get out of bed to use the bathroom and look for marks, but since he didn't have coffee to make, he could spare a few minutes to relive the magic.

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