Monday, May 2, 2011

Excerpt: Out of the Dungeon

When Jeff is injured in an accident, there's no time for dungeon play. With the triangle completely unbalanced, which relationship will survive?

It’s not chapter 1… just a little tidbit to whet your whistles. Out of the Dungeon is a sequel to Above the Dungeon, and takes place, well… out of the dungeon. It’s an exploration of the other sides of  Dungeon Master Roman and submissives Jeff and Dare. This little piece is from Dare’s POV. Enjoy!

"You are going to be a very bad waiting partner," Dare suggested, as they left the hospital. "Scowling all the time, and impatient, and just generally difficult to hang out with."

"Thank you, Mr. Wiseass, for the support," Roman said.

"I'm just saying. The doctor was giving us good news, under the circumstances, and you were looking at him like you were going to rip his head off at any moment. I thought he was very brave for managing to tolerate it for so long without even a single nervous twitch."

"It takes arrogance to be a doctor," Roman replied. "And smarts, and guts. That's why they become doctors."
"True," Dare agreed. "Now what do we do to unwind after hearing all of that?"

"I could think of several things," Roman said. "None of which would be appropriate. Under the circumstances."

"Call Vanessa," Dare said. "She needs to know what's going on."

Roman looked thoughtful. "I'm sure I don't have her number."

"Then call Suede."

They went into a deli/café and sat at a booth. Dare suspected that they would do a lot of dining out in the next few weeks. After all, it was Jeff who did the cooking. Jeff who did so many things to take care of Roman; and Dare by default. Dare hadn't considered before the many benefits he received purely because Jeff was so devoted to Roman.

Roman called Suede and spoke to her briefly, telling her Jeff had been in an accident, and asking her to have Vanessa call him for details. It was only a matter of minutes before Vanessa called and Roman walked outside to tell her what he knew.

The server came along, quirking an inquiring eyebrow toward the door, and Dare said, "I'll order for him."

He ordered a Denver omelet, hash browns, and coffee for each of them. He thought it odd that he should take this role, but it felt right. There were little ways he could do some of the things that Jeff was accustomed to doing. They would be half-assed, and certainly not carried off with Jeff's grace, but it would be okay
Roman returned. "I ordered food," Dare told him, and when Roman didn't even question what Dare had ordered, Dare knew it had been the correct thing to do.

"Vanessa is freaking out," Roman said. "She wanted to go to the hospital immediately, even though I told her there'd be no point."

"She loves him," Dare said. "You know that."

"I know," Roman said. "So do I, but I'm not freaking out."

"You would be, if you knew how to be anything but calm, cool, and collected."

"Ha-ha." Roman said. "You're not funny."

"Well, it's true."

"Maybe," Roman conceded. The server came over with a coffee pot and filled their cups. "I was going to bring you coffee in bed this morning," Roman said, and the words surprised Dare.

"Why?" Dare asked.

"Aftercare. Because you deserved it. You were very good last night."

Dare felt his face go red. "Oh, hush. Let's not talk about it here."

"No, I think we should," Roman said. "Because I don't think we'll be able to talk about it in the waiting room at the hospital. There will be enough high emotion there without all of this."

"I know. But we don't have to talk about it just now."

"You're wrong, Dare. I made you beg, made you cry. And that must be acknowledged between us. I know you want to ignore it until some other time when it's more comfortable, but you know it never gets more comfortable until after we talk about it. So. I offered you punishment and you accepted."

"Yes, that's true," Dare said, resigned. "And you pushed me to the limit of my endurance, as always. And it was amazing. As always."

Roman chuckled. "It was good for me, too. To hold you on my lap, tense and moaning, after you took all ten globes of the wand, knowing they were pressing against your various inside parts while I spanked you. Ahh…" He sighed.

Dare was still blushing. He ducked his head in a useless effort to hide his face. "You're a total pervert, you know."

"Of course. Like you're not."

Dare snuck a peak at Roman's face, his glittering eyes, and could not deny it.

The punishment had been so intense that Dare felt like he'd gone far beyond submission, into some other realm of consciousness, and his orgasm, when it came, ripped his conscious mind apart, until he was nothing and no one, just one with the bed and the sheets and Roman.

Roman's hands were kind, his voice a soft murmur, as he washed Dare with a warm cloth, helped him drink some water, and finally wrapped Dare into his arms to sleep.

As he drifted off, Dare thought contentedly about the slow, lazy morning that was to come.

That little while felt like a thread that might hold the fabric of their three-way relationship together. If they could each feel this on a regular basis, if they could both love Roman, and somehow let Roman's love bind them, maybe it could work. Maybe it really could.

Dare knew that Jeff had resented him at the beginning, but for a little while when everything was new and exciting, Dare had moments where he thought everything was going to be okay. Maybe not easy, but Dare was starting to get to know Jeff, to understand the deep-seated insecurities that drove him at times to whiny peevishness. As Dare learned more about Jeff's history of hurts and heartaches, he liked Jeff more. And, for a short time, Dare thought he and Jeff could reconcile that they both loved Roman, and come to love one another.

"Everything is out of balance all of a sudden."

Roman's words brought Dare back to the café and breakfast.

The waitress arrived, set down their plates, and refilled their coffee mugs. When she went away, Dare said, "It is. I feel it, too. Nothing will be right at all if Jeff is out of commission."

"Well then, we know what we have to do. Get Jeff back in the game as soon as possible."

"I'll let you be in charge of that, Roman."

Roman nodded. "I'm good at being in charge. You might say it's my natural role."

By the time they'd finished eating, Roman's phone had rung several times, Jeff's people rallying. Vanessa called for more information. Suede called when Vanessa hung up because Vanessa was too upset to talk. Mike the bartender called because he'd talked to Suede, and he wanted Roman to tell Jeff to hang in there.

And then Dare's phone rang. It was Doc. "Is it true?" Doc asked when Dare answered. "Is Jeff hurt?"

Dare was trying to remember and explain Jeff's injuries, when a lump formed in his throat that made it almost impossible to talk. And then he was fighting back tears, because even though things weren't exactly perfect, it was all going to change, and Dare wasn't ready, because he didn't know himself well enough yet to know what he wanted, so he didn't know what direction things should change in. Or what to think, or how to help, or even where to sleep tonight.

When he thought he'd got most of the information to Doc, he had to hang up. "Let me call you later, Doc, when I know more."

"Be strong, Cousin," were Doc's words before ending the call. "Roman's really going to need to lean on you right now."

Dare stared at the blank phone screen. Roman was really going to need him. It was almost too strange a concept to comprehend.

"Now what?" Dare asked. "Should we go back to the hospital? Should we go home?"

"The hospital," Roman decided. "I want to be as close to Jeff as possible. When he wakes up, I want him to know we're there. I don't want him to think for a moment that we've coupled on him and left him in a place apart."

Dare understood. Jeff was Roman's partner, like a spouse. Dare was a dalliance, an intra-marital affair, perhaps, but still more an outsider than a member of the nuclear family of Roman and Jeff.

The  waiting room was empty. Roman sat in the chair he'd chosen earlier, and Dare again sat on the floor, leaning against Roman's legs. He didn't know why he kept making this choice, essentially planting himself at Roman's feet. It wasn't because Roman expected it. Roman might hold such an expectation at home, or at the club, but never out in the normal world. But it felt like the right place to be, close enough to touch, to feel the length of Roman's legs along his back, or when Roman shifted, cradled between Roman's calves. It was comforting to have Roman's constant touch, yet in a way that wasn't intrusively intimate right now. They needed togetherness, perhaps, even while they needed space.

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