Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late Morning Coffee

OMG, is it Thursday already? How did that happen?

If you showed up for coffee and I wasn’t here, I’m sorry about that!

So here’s what’s happening… DeVante’s Children is going to the printer – yay! This book publishing process happens in the time between day jobs of several people, so we are perhaps not always precise in our scheduling. Progress is being made! One really cool thing is that I was able to create a QR code, and it’s on the back cover to the right of my author bio. QR codes are those weird little black and white squares that work like a bar code – you can scan it with your phone, and your browser will load the associated website. Technology is scary cool these days.

Blogger QR code

And it even works! Moments after inserting the above pic, I downloaded a QR scanner on my iPhone, scanned the screen and ta-da – there’s my blog! Ahh, how sweet it is!

The evolution of technology kind of freaks me out. I have a birthday next month that marks the start of my 4th decade, and I clearly remember a time when I did NOT have an email address. I remember writing letters by hand to keep in touch with people, and the minimum five day time lag between the last moment my words were written and the first moment they were read. I’m pretty up on my technology. I can email. I can attach files, share pictures, and upload statuses to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Heck, I can do all of those things at the same time, and I don’t even need an actual computer to do them.



And yet… my 8 year old child can do all of that and more, and probably faster.

She will perhaps never know life without the kind of technology that keeps people connected and interacting instantly and constantly.

She has little interest in reading books for amusement or relaxation, because her digital world is always in motion.

I remember ten years ago worrying that my step-son spent too many hours a day playing video games, and wondering what effect the constant audio/visual stimulation was having on his ability to learn.
Now I worry that my own child spends so much time interacting with others that she’ll never take time out to quietly reflect alone inside her head. How do you know who you are in this crazy world? What’s real and what’s digital, and what’s the difference?

Are we so self-involved that we must shout to the world what we’re having for lunch today (probably Subway FYI), or how well we slept last night, or that the cat puked, or that we’re tired or that we’re sick – and who the hell really cares, anyway?

I was tech-free for the past two days for personal reasons, and as I caught up with Facebook and the like this morning, I realized I didn’t miss much. Well, I missed an important email from my publisher yesterday, but I responded today – that’s a 24 hour turn-around, and that’s not too shabby, even in the era of digi-tronics.

So, all of a sudden I realize it is Thursday morning, and I’ve neglected to leave a new blog for Coffee. I had a moment of horrified panic. And then I took a deep breath. All right, so TMC is a bit late today. Guess what? The world keeps turning.

Happy Thursday, Darlings, hope you have a beautiful weekend!


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