Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog, blog, bloggy, blog.

It has been a slowly productive week around here, and proof that I could joyfully pass on having a day job.

I didn’t do much creative or personally fulfilling writing this summer, discovering early in June that managing a bored grade-schooler and immersing myself in my fictional process are activities that are mutually exclusive.

Life is like that sometimes, you know?

DSCN0465So instead of concentrating on fiction, I focused on developing this blog and learning about twitter and Facebook fan pages.

And now we’re about two weeks into the school year, and here’s a newsflash:
Getting out of the habit of writing gets one out of the habit of writing.

Getting out of the habit of writing also gets other people out of the habit of leaving one alone to write.
One almost needs office hours.

Anyway. Because I work part time and every other weekend, my day job leaves me two and sometimes even three weekdays to play.

Play means write, right?

Of course it should.

And yet… I have a great coupon for the craft store that expires this week, and I really want to find a good winter jacket before it snows, and it would be nice to fit that appointment with the doctor in when I don’t’ need childcare…

Not to mention the laundry that’s piling up, the dishes that need to be done, the cat’s nails need clipping, and what the hell is the dog barking at?

Yesterday I milled around for half the morning, at loose ends and having trouble settling somewhere with the laptop. But then I remembered (insert drum-roll)…

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.

Eeeeeeeek! My one chance to write a completely brand new sparkling, delightful, and torturous first draft.
I love NaNo. Well, I love NaNo for all of the eleven months that I don’t hate it, that is.

But here’s the thing…

I have to clear the writing decks by October 30th to free myself for NaNo. I also should give the house a good clean, because everybody around here knows I’m not doing any of that in November.

So. It’s time to kick it into high gear, give myself office hours, and get some shit done!

Out of the Dungeon will be released as an ebook  on Smashwords October 30. Which means I need to A) finish writing the wee little bits that need finishing, B) find some early-readers for some feedback, C) do an anal-retentive copy-editing read through, and D) Design a kick-ass cover  (which involves shopping, photography, and some stumbling graphic design).

I also have to get busy on a re-write/co-write of Assassin Jaxx.

So I’m kickin’ it in the guest room, where I can’t hear the dryer squeaking, the house phone ringing, or the dog barking. I even have a writing partner.


I swear he’s more enthused than he looks, he was just very suspicious of the iPhone being pointed in his direction during our little game of cat and mouse.

So, if I don’t answer the door (or the phone), it might be that Meow-Meow (formerly known as Colby) and I are busy with office hours. And purring. Purring keeps us very busy.

Happy Thursday, darlings! Stay warm out there!

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