Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marketing is not for dummies…

…and other Thursday thoughts.

People fascinate me. The stuff they do, the stuff they say, the stories they tell, the images and videos they capture. From a human perspective, I could browse websites, blogs, and Twitter links all day. From the perspective of a writer with a day job, I have to be a little more disciplined, because quiet hours around here are precious.

I can lose hours of what-could- have-been-writing-time to social networking.

And book reviews! I love reading simple, well-written reviews, like the ones at Dark Divas Reviews.

My to-read list is growing. I get happy little links on Twitter that take me directly to Dark Divas – it’s so easy, and so fun!

Some social networking I do to keep in contact with real life friends, and some of it I do for marketing. I’m all for discovering the gimmick that goes viral and earns me followers who will buy my books.

moon cards

But alas, I’m not as funny as I would like to be. I never know what to post on Twitter. I mean, I look at my history of tweets and think, “Man, I am sooo B-O-R-I-N-G.”

I try to think of witty, clever little things that will be less boring. But 140 characters is… well, 140 characters. There’s only so much you can say. 

Some people have a gift for Twitter, but I do not.  (check out the hysterical Twitter stream found at #bookswithalettermissing).

And yet, an idea came to me while pondering life-skills that I do not possess.
I thought, “A-ha! New tweets! Yay!”

Actually, I think I was home alone and might have said a-ha and yay right out loud.

Things I have Never Done, an attempt to be witty and clever via what I wasn’t saying.

#1 waitressing

#2 housekeeping

#3 cocaine

I thought there would be a subtle sort of humor inherent  in what is absent from the list.

But I don’t know. Perhaps it’s too subtle for 140 words. Perhaps a more comprehensive list would be funnier than individual tweets. Most likely?  Writing humor is tricky.

I do not believe that Things I have Never Done is going viral any time soon. Damn.

Marketing baffles me, and this baffled part of me longs for a six figure advance and a team of publicists. (And health insurance. Health insurance would be really nice).

When push comes to shove, I don’t want to spend my time peddling my wares. Forget the marketing hullaballoo, forget promoting myself. I am tired of searching out new networking opportunities to manipulate into sales figures.

That’s not me.

I’m the story spinner with so much going on in my brain that you don’t even know --  the dreamer with her head in the clouds.

US b&wclouds

And I just want to write.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, darlings!

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  1. Heh don't worry, when I run across someone on goodreads that wants a recommendation for m/m dungeon, I send 'em a link to your book. :)