Thursday, October 13, 2011


I will be very brief this morning, darlings, because my back is going "snap,crackle,pop."

I am having a blog dilemma.

It occurs to me that this blog has somehow aimed itself at Writers, even though my goal was to offer a Thursday Morning Coffee break to Readers (actually, to be completely truthful, I read a blog post that said writers often direct their blog posts to other writers - and I recognized myself).

Writers who follow me, don't go away! On Thursdays, I will post one of the following: A short-short, a short story, a poem, or a snippet of what I'm working on now.

I would also love to showcase the work of other writers, traditional or indie published, so long as I deem the work ready for public consumption.

On Sundays I will be posting installments of a "clean" novel that I've been working on called A Year of Sundays. I'm actually going to put the synopsis and Chapter 1 Part 1 up today, backdated to yesterday. Because I can be sneaky like that.

I will randomly celebrate the success of others, and share personal, book-related news when there is personal, book-related news. After this post, however, I will reserve Sunday and Thursday for fiction.

This morning I want to shout out a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Peter Dube, whom I've met a couple of times at Saints and Sinners. Check out this awesome review at Out in Print.

Finally, Out of the Dungeon is on schedule for release October 30, 2011. Heck, I might even manage an earlier release. Yay!

That's all I have today, darlings. Have a great Thursday!

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