Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday's Fiction on Thursday...

Okay, not really. It's Thursday's fiction on Thursday, but that's so boring. And last week I did Thursday's fiction on Friday, which was late, but totally cool. Hee.

Here's an inflammatory essay I wrote a while back. But it still applies.

Protesting is not productive

To the people who insist upon standing in front of various women's healthcare facilities holding signs, I find I must ask: Can’t you find anything more productive to do with your time?

If you fancy yourself “Christian,” I’d like to remind you that it’s not your place to pass judgment on others – that’s best left the God you purport to believe in. You don’t know the burdens on the people you judge.

If you think you’re making a difference, I’d like to remind you that standing on a sidewalk holding a sign is not some huge and difficult self-sacrifice.

You could act “Christian” and truly experience self-sacrifice by calling social services to find out how to get yourself (and your home) licensed to provide respite care for special needs children. There are families out there who are exhausted and stressed to the max, physically, emotionally, and financially, families that are desperate for real help.

You could make a difference by adopting children who've been abandoned by their chemically dependent parents - kids with special needs, Fetal Alcohol Syndome, or frontal lobe damage from in utero meth and crack use. I think, since you obviously have so much time on your hands, you should adopt more than one.

Handicapped and challenging children need care and deserve the love and compassion you'd like us all to believe flows out to the world through your God and your good works.

Make a real difference. Get in the trenches and help real people instead of standing on the sidewalk holding a sign. I mean, anybody can do that.

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