Monday, November 21, 2011


I just want to post a little bit of housekeeping stuff, so those of you who so willingly follow me into the dark will have at least a pen-light for guidance. (smile). And I want to prepare everyone for what will be happening in January (good stuff, I promise!)

DeVante’s Children is now available in paperback and EBOOK.


 Yay! So now I can strongly encourage new readers to read the DeVante series in the proper order

1. Children
2. Coven
The short story, DeVante's Curse (see below) may be read in any order.

There is a whole story, of course, about how Children and Coven ended up being published out of order. I’m sure the story is on this blog somewhere, but I can’t find it. So. Here’s the deal.

DeVante’s Children was accepted for publication as an ebook by Torquere Press early in 2009.

Then DeVante’s Coven won a contest and the prize was a standard paperback contract with Rebel Satori Press. Coven was released in paperback in the fall of 2009. While Children was still an ebook under a 2 year contract with Torquere.

Yes, it was confusing for a while, but I knew it would smooth itself out eventually. Which it now has.

Okay. Now, along with the release of DeVante’s Children comes a dark  short story called DeVante’s Curse. Buy the EBOOK for .99. Really. Go buy it. Now. It’s okay, I’ll wait….

DeVante's Curse

DeVante’s Curse visits DeVante back when he was a young man kept prisoner in Katarina’s castle. DeVante, as my readers know, keeps a bit of a cold distance between himself and humanity, but which came first, the monster or the man?

Okay now about JANUARY 2012.

OMG! This is going to be soooo much fun. I can hardly wait.

I’m going to run a weekly feature tentatively called Bloody Mondays. Bloody Mondays will be interactive, and, I hope, really, really fun. I am going to profile a vampire each week on my blog. I would like readers to nominate their favorite vamps, by 

a) just tossing a name my way via blog comments, email, or twitter 

b) tossing a name and a QUOTE from said vamp my way via blog comments, email, or twitter.

I would most prefer the nomination to come with a quote, just as a basis for starting a discussion. But I figure it this way – if you’re nominating your favorite vampire, you might know a quote off the top of your head, right?

Then throughout the week we’ll generate comments about that particular vampire. His skills, limitations, magical abilities, flaws… who does he love or hate or love to hate? What does he think about being a vampire? Did he seek the change or abhor it?

Whatever we can brainstorm about this vamp, we’ll do it.

And I’ll add another page tab with links to our Vampire Vogue pages, so if you ever want to refer back to the info on your favorite vamp, it’ll be easy to find.

You don’t have to nominate my vamps, either. I LOVE vampires – so let’s remember and explore our favorites throughout time. If I don’t get any nominations I will, of course, pick MY favorites.

Starting with THE vampire that began my lifelong obsession: Count Dracula as played by George Hamilton in the 1979 film Love at First Bite.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I almost forgot to tell you about the prizes. There will be prizes – every week! A free full-length or short story ebook.

Yay – prizes!

Okay, that’s what I’ve got for housekeeping. Thanks for hanging out with me for a little while. I can hardly wait to play in January!


Love at first bite


  1. Hi Coral! It was my first vampire flick... the one that started it all. Bwahahahahaha! evil laugh plus happy sigh)

  2. Love that movie. Hamilton was the sexiest vamp. Except for Alexander in Dark as Night. It's an erotic vamp book by the talented Brindle Chase and it's hot and dark. Well written, too. I might be here to throw his hat in the ring on Bloody Mondays. Love that idea.

  3. Yay, Jean! Would love to have you! Hamilton was a little corny and yet chivalrous at the same time, sparked my 11 year old imagination for life - lol. I'm not familiar with Dark as Night - I will have to read it ASAP!