Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is Thursday (and thank goodness)

I Miss My Friend
      I miss my friend.
     There, I’ve said it (almost) out loud.
I miss my friend.
I miss the phone calls ten times a day.
I miss having someone know my whole true self,
Someone with whom I couldn’t wait to share
     my latest obsessions, my strangest thoughts.
I miss her, because not only would she not be shocked,
     she would say, “I feel that way, too!”
To hear someone say, “I have felt the same as you – ”
There is great relief in that,
Great comfort.
To have had it once, and for it now to be gone –
     is pain.
So World, Life, Irony – I shout it out to you –
And now I shall tuck it quietly back inside my heart,
Smaller than a mouse
Not allowing even the daintiest squeak
Because although I can say, “I miss my friend,”
She can’t ever be allowed
in my heart again.
~smj 1.27.04

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