Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tribute: How to buy local for the Holidays

The Tribute goes to a local teacher who is sending this great message around.

***Note: the jist of the post was shamelessly stolen from a mass email that I recently received. But I’ve edited it considerably because the tone of the email sounded as if it were addressing pre-school aged children.

 And pre-school aged children should definitely NOT be reading this blog.

Rather than supporting China and Taiwan by buying more plastic crap, consider supporting local merchants with your dollars this holiday season.

Gift wrapped, plastic, and available at WalMart does not automatically equal the best gift ever. Here are some ideas for cool, useful gifts that support your local economy, no matter where you live:

Gift certificates for the following:

a hair salon or barber

A local gym, spa, or health club (or even a YMCA membership)

Car washes and detailing

Driveway sealant service, or lawn mowing for the summer, or driveway plowing all winter, or comp games at the local golf course

Certificates to locally owned restaurants,  the cozy cafĂ©, or the greasy spoon, or small bakery 

Oil changes

Cleaning lady for a day

Computer  tune-up from a young guy struggling to get his repair business up and running

Gift someone an evening at the local theater, ballet, comedy club, or music venue

Local crafts people spin their own wool and knit them into scarves. They make jewelry, and pottery, and beautiful wooden boxes. There are many fall bazaars, often at local churches, where these items can be found.
Perhaps the best gift you can give yourself and your community is to attempt to spend your dollars locally.


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