Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bloody Monday - My First Vampire, George Hamilton

Looking ahead to the first Bloody Monday, which will be on January 2nd, I must say... gosh darn it, I love me a good vampire. And so I thought I'd introduce you to My (personal) first vampire:

Actually, George Hamilton as Count Vladimir Dracula is my 2nd vampire.

The creature that popped my vampire virginity was from an old vinyl LP that I checked out of the public library..."Famous Monsters Speak" (1963) (older than me) and it went like this:

"Who is there? Who comes to disturb the sleep Great Count Dracula? Ahh... tis you."

Available on iTunes, amazingly enough.

Anyway: What is it about a vampire that speeds up the pulse? Is it the adrenaline of fear? Is it that sometimes in the hum-drum grind of an all-too typical day we wish to experience mysticism?

Come visit me again on Monday and we'll talk more!

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