Monday, January 23, 2012

Bloody Monday - Famous Monsters Speak

Happy Bloody Monday!

Personal notes and BIG NEWS! And by that I mean BIG BIG NEWS!

The publisher of my DeVante trilogy, Rebel Satori Press (whom I love truly madly deeply), has responded to my request to reduce the price of my ebooks! These books are my babies, my writer's heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears - so I want ya'all to read them! Heck, I want everybody to read them.

The price change has happened at Smashwords and Amazon should go into effect for Nook and iTunes shortly, as well as other online ebook retailers.

Also - I am willing to give away 1 ebook copy of either DeVante's Children, DeVante's Coven, or DeVante's Curse per week - all you have to do to enter is nominate a vampire for Bloody Monday - if I choose your nominee, you win, it's that easy! I'll send you a coupon code for the book of your choice, and you can download it in any e-format from Smashwords. If you've already read all 3, I have some other title options for freebies, as well.

Short blog today, as I am battling some carpel issues - Aaaargh! Typing doesn't seem to be a real problem, but mousing hurts, and iPhoning (my new word of the day) hurts like a summbitch. Getting it checked out this week, but I heard that's no real picnic, either - something to do with electrical shocks? Egads! I'll let ya'll know how that goes. Now... on to our regularly scheduled programming - Bloody Monday!

In my brand new Bloody Monday blog post, I mentioned that Love at First Bite was actually the 2nd vampire to bite my imagination.

The first was an audio track from an LP Album called, Famous Monsters Speak (1963). Talk about old, hmm? There are tracks for Frankenstein and Dracula on that baby. I'm pretty sure I never even listened to Frankenstein - but man, I sure fell hard for Dracula.

After writing that blog, I went searching for the audio track. It actually took me quite a while to find it - mostly because I was like 9 when I checked the album out of the public library, and I had NO IDEA what the heck the title was.

But I found it! Yay for the digital world we live in.

I found a free download that forced me to complete something like 8 surveys, put a lot of junk on my computer, and ultimately didn't give the the audio file. Grr.

I found another free download, but it was an old blog, and had been removed for copyright issues. (Okay, I can see how that could happen).

And then... I found it on iTunes. Yep. I know, I know, I should have looked there first. So I have been able to BLISS out and relive the vampire that sparked my lifelong fascination with such creatures. I see that it's also available on CD from Amazon.

Here's a link to an audio sample

You can hear the writer who found Dracula desperately typing his story - hoping to get it done before Dracula comes for him, because Dracula has said, "And one night, when the moon is full, when the wolf howls, I will come for you, and you will be one of us."

Love how in the beginning you can hear the man's footsteps as he goes down into the basement of the British Museum and finds Dracula's crypt. And Dracula says, "Who is there? Who comes to the crypt of the vampire Dracula?" (Pronounced Dra-coo-la). The vampire talks to the mortal, tells him about the creatures of the night that are a vampires friends and/or pets, demonstrates his vampire powers, takes the man out onto the street and makes him witness a hunt (hmm - reminds one of DeVante and Daniel, perhaps? Or more to the truth of the matter, DeVante and Daniel must be reminiscent of THIS). Funny the things you carry forward from childhood.

In fact, listening to this 21 minute track, I know exactly why certain characteristics of DeVante had to be just so - the possibility of kindness mixed with the ability to be cruel - perhaps that is the romanticism of the vampire.

The vampire says, "If you are my friend, nothing can harm you, but if you are my enemy, nothing can save you."

Oh, the chills.

The iTunes version is pretty cheap, and for the memories, it was worth it.

Funny - I was browsing around looking for this stuff, and read a comment on a blog from one person who said, "My mom bought me this when I was a preschooler, and I remember clutching it in my hands all the way home, so excited to listen to it."

Somewhere else I read: "Not recommended for young children."

Totally cracks me up. I must have been 8 or 9, and the album would have been almost 15 years old ITSELF - when I checked it out from the library. And I didn't check it out just once - I checked it out many, many times. I feel in love with that vampire, no doubt.

Have a great Monday! Leave a comment telling me of your earliest vampire memory, or the first vampire that really nailed your imagination.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bloody Monday - Dance of the Damned (1989)

New Release - 18 Dead

Hello, darlings....

My latest short story, 18 Dead, got the approval of my critique partners, and is now available on Amazon for Kindle!

A killer is a killer is a killer – right?

Landon Montgomery is a forensic psychologist at a state facility for the mentally ill and dangerous, so when Nathan Kincaid kills eighteen classmates at a reunion, Landon knows she'll soon be meeting him. But Landon's not out to save Nathan – her job is to declare him competent to stand trial and send him to the executioner. The only trouble is… there might be something about Nathan Kincaid worth saving.

Check it out and let me know what you think! 18 Dead for Kindle

A Year of Sundays, Chapter 7