Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bloody Monday - can you come out to play today?

"Dracula, your favorite pain in the neck, is about to bite your funnybone."

I must have been all of ten or eleven years old, out of school on some break, when I saw the movie Love at First Bite and fell head over heels for vampires.

I know this: I was at my best friend Cindy's house, and it was the middle of the day, and we were lazing around on floor pillows eating cream of mushroom soup mixed into hot buttered elbow macaroni. It was beautiful. Mostly it was beautiful because Cindy's parents worked full-time, regular hours, and we knew we would be undisturbed for all of the afternoon. My parents were a fire-fighter and a school librarian - who could be counted on to interrupt us with chore requests, and concerned parental questioning about our choice of television, which also included The Days of Our Lives. "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives..."

Being unsupervised was bliss, and not even because we were up to much in the way of being naughty.

But we did get to to spend an afternoon watching a vampire movie completely uninterrupted (well, except for those pesky commercials).

Anyway. I can't remember if my friend was quite as hypnotized as I was, but the story of the poor recently evicted Count Dracula moving to New York City to find his bride fascinated me.

The film is a vampire spoof, and intended to be comical, although I'm not sure I was aware of that the first time. But I knew that I liked Count Dracula's accent, his elegance, loved his blood jokes, shivered with the knowledge that his brand of chivalry was supposed to be scary.

Oooh, yes, and that his human servant was intensely loyal. And his bride, though counseled by people she trusted to stay away from Vladimir Dracula, just.... couldn't. She couldn't. She was compelled.

Oh, man, thinking on it from here, I guess I've always been a sucker for the bad boys.

The Vampire, Count Vladimir Dracula

The New York Bride:

The Competition:

Tomorrow I'll share a favorite quote from the movie... but in the meantime... enjoy some YouTube clips and /or search for the answers to the following questions:

 What was Count Dracula's brides's first name in the movie?

Who was Dracula's rival for her affections? What was his occupation?

Let's gab all week long about Love at First Bite! On Friday nominate YOUR favorite vampire and we'll do it all over again next week! Thanks for coming out to play!


  1. Count Dracula's lady love's first name was Cindy - same as my friend, who reminded me last night that we probably rented this movie from the video store.

    The rival was Jeffrey Rosenburg, an incarnation of Van Helsing! (And, I do believe, Cindy's psychologist as well). He tells her it's a bad, bad idea. But George Hamilton as Dracula is much to compelling for Cindy to listen to reason.

    Watch the trailer - it's hysterical. "I love you, and I can give you eternal life."

    Cindy: "I knew it, an insurance salesman. I already have prudential."

    LMAO! Funny stuff, boys and girls.

  2. Here's a link to another fun little film excerpt:

  3. I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane, I sure did! I'd have rented the film this week (assuming I could find it?) but I had a great time reminiscing with YouTube. What a world we live in, hmm?

    Email me DeVante9901 at aol dot com to nominate a vampire for next week's Bloody Monday.

    And be sure to come looking for the latest installment of my PG serial, A Year of Sundays, which will be posted on Sunday.