Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Morning Coffee

I have taken a couple of days off - from writing, even.

And I guard my writing time jealously - I do. I would rather write be writing than just about anything, and sometimes I have to work to engage in life.

Except for this. My friend, who moved away a few years ago, just moved back to town. She has a few days to get organized, and I happened to have a couple of days off from my day job.

Can you say girlfriend unpacking party? (Sounds dirty, doesn't it?) We had so much to catch up on, I can't even tell you. Never ran out of words, that's for sure.

I guess what I want to say is... always be grateful for those friendships that rest quietly and wait to be reawakened, because they are precious.

And now for your free fiction experience...

This is kind of what's called a short-short.

Crumbling Complicated

            “Why do you have to make this complicated?” I ask in complete exasperation.
            “Why do you have to pretend it isn’t?”
            I cringe because I realize you're going to send me spinning into the abyss, but I don’t think you can help it, because how do I know what all this has done to you?
            I want to scream. Don’t change this! Please, please don’t. I love you. I love this. It’s perfect. 
            Why can’t we just be pleased and comfortable and content with what we have?
            And yet… and yet I know that everything changes, that it’s the way of people and the way of the world.
            “It’s not complicated,” I say, and it comes out a plea. “We’re friends. It’s simple.”
            “You know it’s more than that.”
            “It can’t be. And you know that.”
            I am not so great. Why does everyone think I’m so great? I’m a certified mess, that’s what I am.
            I sigh, feeling tears come to my eyes. “You’re going to break my heart. That’s what this is ultimately leading to, isn’t it?”
            “We’ll break each other’s. It will give you a lovely sad story to write.”
            “Fuck off.”
            The tears are on my cheeks now. “Okay, you want me to beg? I’ll beg. Please don’t ask me to choose because I can’t choose you. I made my choice a long time ago, for better and worse and forever. I love my life. I can’t give you more than I give you now.”
            “Fine. Goodbye.”
            And the whole beautiful everything crumbles into dust.

Happy Thursday, darlings.

My new short story, 18 Dead, will be free on Amazon from 12:00 am Friday until 11:59 pm Saturday. It's a nice little read - a story that will stick with you for far longer than the half an hour you'll spend reading it.

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