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Bloody Monday - Damon, Vampire Diaries

Ya'all are going to have to help me out here. Damon was nominated through blog comments, and I haven't read the books. Or watched the loosely based on the books television series. So I am basically writing in the dark, but I'm okay with that.

After a little research, however, I do think I am going to have to get myself some episodes of The Vampire diaries, because Damon is mmm... yummy!

Here's what wikipedia has to say about Damon:

• Damon Francesco Salvatore: (born October 31, 1487). Damon is Stefan's older brother who hates humans. He is shorter than Stefan but more powerful since he feeds off of human blood straight from the vein. Damon enjoys toying with Stefan and making him feel weak. He wants Elena the moment he sees her, just like Katherine Pierce, aka Katerina Petrova, but he has to work for her love, respect, and trust. Damon takes the form of a crow to spy on Elena. He has black hair, pale skin, disturbingly good looks, and black eyes. Elena eventually falls for him as well.

And about Elena, wiki says:

• Elena Marie Gilbert: (born July 4, 1974). She is the main character of the books. Elena is 17 and the most popular girl at Robert E. Lee High School. Elena is every boy's dream with pale golden hair so fair it almost seems to shimmer and creamy skin. Elena sees herself as a beauty, and is a little shocked and hurt that Stefan does not look her way in the beginning. Elena's best friends are Bonnie and Meredith. Caroline is a former friend turned enemy. Elena has a boyfriend, Matt, but breaks up with him because she mainly feels friendship for him. Elena has a little sister, Margaret, and lives with her Aunt Judith. When Elena and Stefan start to date, she realizes that their love may not last. She later also falls in love with Damon, Stefan's older brother.

And about Stephen, wiki says:

• Stefan Antonio Salvatore: (born November 5, 1492). Stefan is the mysterious new boy at Elena's high school. Stefan is of average height and dark, wavy hair and leaf green eyes. He initially does not give the other students the time of day and avoids Elena. Stefan also holds a secret: He's a vampire. However, he prefers to drink from animals instead of humans.

Yes, I do have a point in copying/pasting from wiki in my blog entry.

And my point is this: I already like Damon better than Stefan. I automatically like the vampire that drinks human blood better than the one who survives on the blood of animals. I like a dark and scary vampire, one who is really okay with being a vampire, or even, perhaps (omg, blasphemy alert) LIKES being a vampire. It's just one of my little things.

Sort similar to how I just don't care for vampires that go to high school. This is almost an immediate dislike for me. I mean, high school is like Hell. And that's coming from a person who didn't have a particularly difficult time in high school. I just straight up think that life without school is about a million per cent more enjoyable than life with school.

College was somewhat more pleasant, so I would be less inclined to pass on a book where the characters were in college. The high school bit, though, is almost an automatic pass for me. High school is an artificial environment. I mean, where else in life to you meet not just one person hiding who they really are, but three to eight HUNDRED people faking it, each and every agonizing day.


Again, I didn't have any particular trouble in high school. I wasn't "popular" but I wasn't bullied. The mean girls didn't bother me - probably because I didn't care about them all that much. I was a "Red Liner" (smoker), but I wasn't a "burner." I was briefly in the band, and then briefly on the speech team. In 10th grade I hung out with some seniors, and was a little at loose ends in 11th grade because my favorite people (for people, read "boys") had graduated. In 11th grade, one of my favorite people (read "boy") - committed suicide - and honestly, beyond that I hardly remember the rest of my time at that school, except for brief visits of one of those favorite "people" when he came to town to provide us with some drama and excitement. And now he's dead, too.

I guess what I'm trying to get across is that I wouldn't choose to re-live that time of my life, so for a vampire to spend eternity in high school is not a choice that I can understand or believe in. A vampire - man, a vampire can live anywhere and do anything that he wants to - he doesn't even necessarily need to embrace human morality.

So what makes writers set Vampire novels in high school, anyway? Well, I suppose to capture the YA readers, because high school is typically their reality. But isn't a 107 year old vampire stalking a nubile young high school virgin technically a pedophile? Food for thought, that.

And back to the subject at hand - Vampire Diaries. Damon. Yeah.

I'm YouTubing this Damon guy, and thinking, "Damn, high school setting or not, I just might have to catch up with the television version of Vampire Diaries, because this Damon is hot hot HOT. But please note: NONE of these people actually look or act like teenagers - because 25 is the new 16, didn't you know?

Check out this vid: Damon and Elena kiss The subtitles are in Italian, but the scene is in English. (Spoiler alert: apparently it wasn't *really* Elena but a doppleganger).

More Damon/Elena vid clip links: (links because embedding was disabled on these - sorry!)

Talking about the kiss


So tell me more about Damon! Or tell me what you think about vampires spending eternity in high school. And feel free to nominate a vamp for Bloody Monday next week - you'll win your choice of one of my ebooks if I write about your nominated vamp. 


  1. PS - I just watched The Vampire Diaries pilot via Netflix on my iPad - and despite the fact (or because of it?) that there are no actual teenagers at Mystic Falls high school, I am hooked.

  2. The Vampire Diaries is one of my "guilty t.v. porn" addictions, lol...I haven't read the books, but honestly, from the wiki article, I might like the television series better. I actually like the t.v. version of Elena (although she starts off a little bit lame), and the one described in the wiki sounds a bit loathesome, frankly. I'm kind of with you on the high school thing, too, although it doesn't bother me as issue with Stefan is more that he's boring. Even his angst is boring. I thought maybe it was the actors on the show, but Damon is FAR more interesting of a character, even beyond his overall hotness, lol. I can't help rooting for her to get with Damon just because her and Stefan are dull, dull, dull...even when he kind of goes "evil" later on in the show, he's still pretty boring, frankly. Again, that could be the actors, in part, but I think it's the way the character if written, too.

  3. With Vampire Diaries, you kind of have to put the high school thing outta your mind. I read some of the books. The show is WAY better. Its so funny though with the show because all these "teenagers" are never in school. They are always out and about dealing with supernatural problems. I suppose its implied that they go to school and maybe all the drama happens after hrs or on the weekend, but I think its cool the producers sort of took the high school element out of it, maybe to capture the older audience. I laugh at the whole pedophile thing cuz I never really thought of that! But I say its ok since a vampire is technically the age they were when they died, I just see them as the 20 or 30 something they look like as opposed to the hundreds years old they really are!

  4. JenShelly - it does look like they're not centering on the high school angst thing, which is really cool. I suppose writers and publishers are trying to capture the YA market, and it makes sense that the most familiar frame of reference is high school. I read somewhere, however, that when children become independent readers, they want to read about people 2-3 years older than themselves, and that makes sense, too.

    On the age thing - you're right, we do "see" them more as the age they were when they became vamps. I will admit, Roderick, one of my vamps who appears 25 but is of course much older, fell hard for a 17 year old boy, so there, I went and did it, too - LOL. I'm not against the age thing, just the vampires in high school part (grin). My vamps can't go out in the day, so I guess they couldn't go back to high school even if for some god-awful reason they wanted to.

    Thanks for joining the discussion!

  5. Watched Season 1 episode 2 now - and I do have to say that Stefan has the whole "intense brooding male" thing going for him, no doubt. Still like Damon's naughty cockiness, tho.

  6. And now I have watched Season 1 through episode 9. Ahh, editing is so relaxing. Except when it isn't.

  7. Here I am closing out Bloody Monday for the weekend while watching Vampire Diaries Season 1, episode 10. See you all again on Bloody Monday with a brand new vampire to talk about. You can nominate the next vampire on twitter with #BloodyMondaySMJ. And of course, you're welcome to come back on Sunday for the next installment of A Year of Sundays.


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