Monday, February 13, 2012

Bloody Monday - Vampire Valentine

This is way off topic, but I'm sitting here my newly re-arranged living room, soaking up the zen. And feeling pretty damn pleased with myself that the wall-hanging is exactly the same crooked as the window above it. These things can't be left to chance, not in a crooked little house in WI that doesn't have a basement.

Okay, digression over. On to Bloody Monday and Vampire Valentines, yes?

Who's the most romantic vampire? Or, if you're not a romantic, which vampire holds your heart?

I'm going to go a little "Mary Sue" on this one. (Mary Sue is what it's called when an author inserts herself into a story as the heroine. I don't have a Mary Sue character. No, I do not. But IF I did, it would be Emily, DeVante's mortal love interest).

And since hearts and flowers and candle-lit dinners are not an interest of mine, I'm going to go sideways on the romance thing.

The vampire that holds my heart is my very own DeVante. He lives and breathes in my head like a symptom of schizophrenia, daring me to be bold and brave, nagging me to hold my head up in the face of naysayers, pissing on my self-esteem issues, and repeating the pleasant chant of "You are worthy."

Gotta love a vamp like that. But. The intrigue is not that he is supportive or protective of Emily. It is not that he is moody or brooding or negative, but that he has an ingrained habit of self-restraint - of keeping himself distant and cold. And Emily thaws him. Aw, man. That's hot. In fact, I think all the other characters do their part to thaw him - that's what makes them his Children, and ultimately his own family or, the term I chose, rightly or wrongly, his Coven. They would all be his children, and they would all thrive. Even if it killed him.

DeVante is first intrigued with Emily because she is happy. Her happiness highlights what is missing in his life in the dark. But he only gets to know her when her happiness dies - maybe because this is the only moment where they truly find common ground.

Emily's mortal life has been rather tragic, and yet she insists that it is her right to continue living it. And why not? When her joyful spirit returns to her, she goes right back to wanting what she's always wanted - a traditional family. So where is the romance? Well. Against every rule or law or edict of vampire culture, DeVante lets Emily go, despite the fact that she now knows that he and Roderick, and Daniel are vampires. DeVante can't give her the experience of "mortal family" - and Emily is convinced she can't live without it. And so the only way he has to love her best is to let her go do what she has to do.

And so DeVante then must re-focus his attention on Roderick and Daniel. Which works out okay, because they need his guidance something fierce.

Roderick, like the original Emily, finds a profound joy in life. He is impetuous - doesn't think before he leaps, and gets himself into all kind of bad situations. In fact, that's how he met DeVante in the first place - by baiting and teasing and then rejecting DeVante's maker, Katarina. I wouldn't say Kat's homophobic... well, yeah, I would say that. So the ultimate insult to her is that Roderick catches her eye, and even flirts with her a little bit - and then goes chasing another man. Oh, Roderick, what were you thinking? Enter DeVante, who saves Roderick from death at Katarina's hands. And again, it's the joy that attracts DeVante.

So now here's Roderick gone and fallen in love with a sweet blond boy who's not even old enough to choose a president, much less make a permanent, life-altering choice to be a vampire. And who but a seventeen year old wants to be an immortal seventeen year old? Ugh. Of course, Daniel is wise enough that he knows better than to spend immortality in high school (besides, there's that whole sleeping all day and avoiding the sun thing).

Daniel is, however, awfully pretty, and DeVante is drawn in. He might be Heavens most beautiful angel. Roderick can't master Daniel alone. He hated his own lessons so much that he avoids teaching what Daniel must learn to survive.

So once more DeVante comes to Roderck's rescue, and it doesn't hurt that DeVante is a little bit in love with Daniel, too.

And so. While DeVante is not outwardly the most romantic character in vampire literature (and, in fact, can be exasperatingly stern) he bends his own rules in some interesting ways to benefit those who touch his cold heart. And that, my friends, is a sideways kind of romance.

So... tell me, in honor of Valentine's Day - which vampire holds your heart?

Because I love my readers (and it's Valentine's week), I will give a prize to every person who comments with their Vampire Valentine. Prize choice: 50% off coupon for full-length novels DeVante's Children OR DeVante's Coven; or 100% off the short story DeVante's Curse. Prizes will be in the form of Smashwords coupons. Please copy your comment and preferred prize into an email and send to devante9901 at aol dot com. I will not retain or sell or add any email addresses to newsletters or lists. Thanks!


  1. My Vampire Valentine is my own vampire Tristan from Night Sighs. He's sexy as hell with his Bruce Springsteen voice, exterior arrogant air but inner vulnerability, and his favourite person in the world is his girlfriend Alex. What's hotter than a guy totally in love with his girl?
    I'd like a 100% off the short story please.
    Thanks for this prize.

  2. It's.... FRIDAY! Happy, happy Friday for everyone who doesn't have to work this weekend. (Yeah, that counts me out). Thanks to Emma for joining the discussion. Hope you enjoy DeVante's Curse!