Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloody Monday -

I'm not even sure which vampire to profile today... might have to Google "Vampire" and see what pops up.

Hung out with my dentist this morning. That was fun. But I was thinking... it'd be nice to hang out with him somewhere else for a change, I mean, his office is nice and all... but we should go clubbing or something. On the other hand, night clubs don't offer nitrous, so that's a minus.

Anyway. New tactic. Google vampire images. Pick one. Write.

True Blood versus Vampire Diaries...

I think I am more of a traditionalist (True Blood), - I like my vampires allergic to sunlight. I like my vampires honorable but not particularly moral. I don't prefer them to sparkle or to avoid drinking human blood - for it is the drinking of human blood that lifts them to the top of the food chain and makes them the ultimate of predators.

I like them cold and sarcastic and sexy. Southern is all right; swamp-speech, not so much.

I like a lethal vampire, one who lives outside the constraints of human/mortal society - he should kill when he feels like killing, he should feed without guilt or self-recrimination. Perhaps he has a food criteria, a "type" that he prefers, and if that suits human morality, that's all right... He should also have the combination of distance and tenderness - an absolute must if the story is ultimately a romance - and along those lines, if there's a mortal love interest, then something about that mortal should knock our vampire off balance.

Poking around images for Vampire Diaries, I'm feeling like I'd better check into this further.

I do try to keep up with popular vampires. Trouble is the ones I've seen most are on a show called, "My Babysitter's a Vampire." Such is life when you live with an 8 year old. I have shelves filled with vampire novels, some great, some less great, but for years I made a point to read everything vampire that I could find. Unfortunately the recent vampire pop-culture explosion has left me floundering in the blood spatters left behind.

So... educate me. Tell me something about a True Blood vampire or a Vampire Diaries vampire. Nominate one for next week's Bloody Monday. Remember - if I accept a nominated vamp for Bloody Monday, the nominator will receive one of my ebooks.

Have a beautiful, bloody Monday.


  1. lol! Love this post! :)

    I have not seen the True Blood tv shows, but I have read some of the books. Most of the vampires are jerks, but the love-interest ones are mostly honorable, in a sense.

    I have not read the Vampire Diaries books but have seen the tv shows. Aside from the two brother vampires' facination with an anorexic teenage girl, I can tell you that Damian doesn't really get caught up in the morality of things unless it makes the woman he loves happy. He's definitely a predator. His brother is moody and whiny. He is a blood-addict, which is apparently different from normal vampire feasting. He either goes cold-turkey on human blood and becomes a virtuous if-overly-gloomy-and-serious vampire or he is on a feeding frenzy, acting like a jerk to anyone who cares for him and killing anyone who doesn't.

    I don't actually have a favorite. I still miss the soulful Angel from the Buffy series. ;)

    If I have to nominate one, I suppose I would nominate Damian, just for fun.

  2. Hi Moonduster! Thanks for the comment. I will check out Damien and Angel (I'm not overly familiar with either of them), and write about one or the other next week. Which means you win a nomination - and a free ebook! Browse my books page and let me know which ebook you'd like. (you can email me at devante9901 at aol dot com