Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Morning Coffee

(Wow, sorry, I didn't realize until today that this post was so hard to read!)

I am trying out some writing prompts for Thursday Morning Coffee, (except for when I have guest posts or other new fiction to present), so we will see how that goes for awhile. It's funny, I really enjoy the blogs that I subscribe to through email - love that I can read them on my phone while I have my morning coffee, and I'd like to create something that others will frequently enjoy, as well.

So far I don't think I've quite found my blog niche, but what the heck, I'll keep trying, and when I find a format that satisfies I'll hang onto it. Well, until I get bored, at any rate.

Serial Sunday is super cool - the story is light and fun, and a lot different from my other work. I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing with the story once it's done, but heck, there's plenty of time to figure that out. At the most people will really like it, at the least, it's another free sample out there for readers.

I want this blog to be a sweet spot for both readers and writers. So if you want to write with me, I'll be happy to have you! Post your prompt response or a link to your prompt response.

I'm going to start gently - with the following 2 lists:

Journaling Prompt from Free Prompts - Creating lists can be a provocative way of assessing your creative internal thoughts and can spur insightful contemplation. When writing your lists, write what comes to mind, even if you feel it is a bit odd. List 15 things that change. List 15 things that do not change. (Hint don't stop at ten, challenge yourself; go on to 15.) Continue by using your lists for journal entry subjects, fiction or non-fiction writing.

15 Things that change:

1. Relationships 2. Weather 3. Children 4. Wall color 5. Rugs 6. Personal taste 7. Style 8. Pop culture 9. Your Parents 10. Apartments 11. Sheets 12. Cars 13. Technology 14. Desires 15. Vision

15 things that don't change:

1. Graham Lake 2. Spam 3. My half-remodeled bathroom 4. The love of a dog 5. Certain clothing stains 6. My need to write stuff 7. housework 8. base personality 9. Your Parents 10. The fact that someone somewhere is being oppressed 11. The misery of the common cold 12. Our need for food, water, shelter and air 13. My husband's blue eyes 14. The fact that everything changes 15. The fact that people hate change

Here is what learned just now - it's much harder to think of 15 things that don't change than to think of 15 things that DO. Interesting, hmm?

Next Thursday: My intention is to profile the work of JC Andrijeski, the author of the Allie's War series: Rook book 1, Shield book 2, Sword book 3, Shadow book 4. She's working on book 5 at this very moment, and I am bouncing in my chair, getting ready to beg for the privilege of being a first reader. These were my favorite books of 2011 - and I truly believe with all my heart they have mass reader appeal and will be one of those series in which the big 6 traditional publishers kick themselves for taking a pass. Have a great weekend, folks, and don't forget the next installment of A Year of Sundays will post on Sunday.

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