Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday Morning Coffee

I chained myself to my desk (lazy boy chair) this week working on book stuff.

And I think I'm even getting better at this whole blog scheduling thing.

I'm impressed with myself, especially considering the weird day I've had.

How's that, you ask? Weird in what way?

Well. For starters... I watched 8 episodes of The Vampire Diaries today. It is unheard of for me to watch one television program in a day, much less EIGHT. I think Damon is my new vampire love. Mmm, Damon loves to be bad.

And he has certain expressions and attitudes that are wonderfully reminiscent of my all-time favorite TV heart-throb, Brian Kinney. Oh yeah. Color me addicted.

The reason I got to indulge in such visual stimulation is because I have been editing. And editing. And... well, you get the picture.

And yet, I'm not any more organized than I was when I started this edit two days ago. Oh, I have a novel's worth of words and pages, don't get me wrong - it's not a shortage of raw material that's the problem. The trouble is that I have lovely, wonderful, and near complete story arcs for all my favorite vamps - DeVante, Emily, Roderick, Daniel, Reed, Tony, Lily and Niko, the new guy.

Oooh, wanna see what Niko looks like?

He looks a little like this, but with eyeliner. Cuz I am silly that way. I don't know why. I wanted him to be exactly like a boy Roderick would totally fall for, because, of course, I am the evil god/author who is in charge. Well, who at least pretends to be in charge.

I have a few transitions to write, and maybe a half dozen more scenes, but then I can put this baby to bed, send to beta readers, edit some more, copy-edit, polish edit, blah blah blah, and nag Sven for a release date. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (yeah, I live with an 8 year old).

So yeah, as soon as I figure out what order to put all these pages into, I can tuck this one in. Unfortunately, at the moment, it's kicking my ass. But have no worries. This weekend I'll be pulling out the big guns: brightly colored index cards and the bulletin board.

It worked with the first novel, and it'll work with this one. And it's slightly more sophisticated than printing out the whole novel, laying the pages out end to end on the floor from the back door straight through to the master bedroom, and then "walking" through the book.

Believe me, I have done it both ways.

Let's see - other news... I received my pre-ordered hard-cover copy of The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice today, but of course, I could not allow myself to even crack it open on a full-writing day. No way. Because I know how that goes. Once I start, I cannot stop.

I trust Anne Rice to give me a story that I can sink my teeth into, whether she's writing about vampires, angels, or werewolves. In fact, I'm incredibly excited to discover her take on shape-shifters.

If there is one reader that I'm looking for, it's the one who totally gets me, and will trust me to lead them on a wonderful journey with every book I write, and who will forgive me the few that didn't quite do it for them. I am that reader for Rice. I know she can tell a story. I don't love everything she writes, but I love 95% of what she writes, and that earns a pre-order. I would love to hope for a quiet day at work tomorrow in which I can hang out and read, but that's asking for an awful lot. Perhaps I should be hoping I can't find those colored index cards - there's one way to procrastinate.

Okay. And now for Thursday Morning Fiction. Since I yammered on about so much other stuff, how about  Thursday Morning Poetry today? I'll offer two:

Love so much it hurts

If we never loved enough to hurt
   then could we laugh until we cry?
If we never take a risk
   then all our ventures fall flat
            (don't they?)
I want to be safe and secure
And I don't want to hurt you
   and yet
I want to love you so much it hurts.


Like Life

Walking, and among the dirt brown gray
a glint
red gleam bright shiny
and my heart hurts for a moment,
then lifts,
sudden sharp understanding.
life is like that.



  1. hehe and Geoff wonders why I watch Vampire Diaries *giggling* ohhhh LICK love Damon!

  2. Heehee, Kriss - if you don't mind gay boys, check out Queer as Folk sometimes. Mmmmm. Positively yummy. And of course, bad boy Brian Kinney is my fave.

  3. I need to check out Queer as Folk, too...and I'm kind of psyched I'm not the only geek addicted to the Vampire Diaries, lol. In fact, I need to check if there was a new episode last week...hmmmm :)

  4. Yes, JC - QAF swallowed my life for about 3 years. I was totally obsessed. Everything I imagined between episodes seemed to come true - it's still my "sick day guilty pleasure." Last time I was creating book covers I managed to watch the whole of Season 1. Soooo decadent! Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are my favorites. Season 4 was actually kind of boring to me. And Season 5 - aw hell, I don't even want to talk about Season 5. I'm still mourning that it ended at all. In fact, every once in a while I think, hmmm, wonder what Brian and Justin are up to these days? And then I project a little scene in my imagination. Or re-read my fanfiction - another guilty pleasure. LOL.