Saturday, March 24, 2012

18 Dead Free for KINDLE today and tomorrow

18 Dead
Short story - 7100 high impact words

A Killer is a killer is a killer, right?

Landon Montgomery is a forensic psychologist at a state facility for the mentally ill and dangerous, so when Nathan Kincaid kills eighteen classmate at a reunion, Landon knows she'll soon be meeting him. But Landon's not out to save Nathan - her job is to declare him competent to stand trial and send him to the executioner. The only trouble is... there might be something about Nathan Kincaid worth saving.

18 Dead is free on Amazon today and tomorrow.

This file is DRM free, so you are most welcome to use a program such as Calibre to convert it for Sony, Nook, or other e-reading device.

In mid-April this one drops out of the KDP Select program and will then be available on B&N, iTunes, and other ebook retailers via Smashwords distribution lines. My intention is to have available for free everywhere eventually.

TODAY is the end of Out of the Dungeon's exclusive run in the Amazon KDP Select program. So watch for it to be available (with a new cover!) via Smashwords distribution, as well.

Have a safe and fun weekend, darlings!

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