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Bloody Monday - Adrian Phoenix's Dante

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Good morning and happy Bloody Monday. Today I am going to talk about Adrian Phoenix's vampire, Dante Baptiste, from The Makers Song series.

I borrowed this beautiful picture from Adrian Phoenix's blog. Gotta say, it looks like Dante to me, mmm. There is a ton of stuff to check out on Adrian's blog, so make sure to give it a look-see.

I fell in love with Dante and his band-mates IMMEDIATELY. That being said, I can't say I loved every page of every book in the series, but Dante is an incredibly tragic and intriguing character, and the Makers Song has a lot of unique paranormal elements that I had not run into before. The combination of Vampires and angels is quite a dichotomy, and an interesting one.

The series starts with A Rush of Wings, and the first time we meet Dante, it's during a blood-drinking/sex sharing threesome between Dante, Jay, and Gina, and that part was over way to soon. (grin - yeah, I'm naughty that way).

Phoenix describes Dante like this: "Slender, hard body, five nine or five ten, moving with dangerous and unself-conscious grace, all coiled muscles and knife-sharp reflexes - Tousled black hair spilling past his shoulders, dressed in mesh and leather and steel-ringed bondage collar, a sexuality that scorched -"

Oh yes, he is a hottie. No wonder FBI agent Heather Wallace falls head over heels for him, yeah?

There's an intensity between Dante and Heather that is... mmm, sigh. Yummy. I only with there was more "screen time" with Heather and Dante in the books - I can never get enough.

Here's an interview with Dante and Heather at a blog called Paranormal Romance Addict. Just beware that the giveaway that's mentioned is from 2011 - so it's long over.

Dante's abilities: He can move faster than a mortal, in fact, somewhere in his past arrest record it's noted that he's too quick for the camera to catch a clear image (mug shot), one second he's there, the next the little shit is just gone. Dante and his Nightkind pals have a telepathic connection. Dante can be awake during the day, but it's hard for him to stay awake. He can also be outside during the day, although it's uncomfortable for him and he covers as much skin as possible.

But here's the big big big ability: Dante is a Maker - which means he has a powerful metaphysical ability to create or destroy life. So everybody wants him - vampires, angels, his own Nightkind council, and multiple government agents - either they want him dead, or they want to capture him to control his power.

And Dante - well, he just wants peace. He didn't ask for any of this, and in fact, has some serious PTSD going on from being subjected to a host of torturous experiments when he was young.

Beautiful, tragic, and powerful.

He also has some weaknesses -  migraines, nose bleeds, seizures. A mind that's been fucked with so much that his personality is fractured, his memories are twisted and bloody, and he's quite often preoccupied with self-recrimination and despair.

And of course, his biggest weakness is Heather Wallace.

So tell me, darlings, have you met Dante? Have you read The Makers Song series, and what do you think?

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