Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Morning Coffee - Fury of Fire

Late coffee today, but sometimes isn't that the best kind? It means you got to sleep in, or at the very least didn't have to be up and at it in the wee hours.

Speaking of coffee, somebody in my family is trying to convince me to be an Organo Gold coffee distributor and sent me some samples with instructions to drink only Organo Gold for several days to see how I feel.

Health food coffee? Not a bad idea.

Yeah. Except what she sent me was (1) packet of Cafe latte; (1) packet of black coffee; (1) packet of hot cocoa, and (1) packet of green tea.

So let's just say... I don't drink tea, and I rarely drink hot cocoa - only in the late evening when I'm craving coffee but have to be to work early in the morning. And truth be told, I finally bought a canister of decaf for those nights, because I always prefer coffee over cocoa, and my blood sugar hates for me to drink cocoa. (Speaking of blood sugar, my diagnosis has been changed from "diabetic" to "hyperglycemic" - a HUGE yay for that! Only my labs from my original diagnosis in 2009 have been within the parameters of "diabetic" - with a bit of weight loss-gain-loss-gain and watching my carb intake, I have kept my blood sugar within the normal range - without medication - for three years!)

Anyway - we were analyzing coffee, weren't we?

So, let's count how many coffee packets I received. (1) cafe latte and (1) black coffee = (2).

Each packet makes 1 cup of coffee.

I cup = what, 8 ounces?

I have a fabulous NaNoWriMo coffee cup that holds 16 ounces of coffee, and I refill it a MINIMUM of 4 times a day. That's 64 ounces. (Read a tribute to the brown NaNoWriMo travel mug). Let me just say, upon reading this, that I am glad I have TWO of them. If you follow the link you can see the travel mug. I would post my own picture, but the uploader keeps turning it sideways, and that is really lame.

So anyway. Here is the determination: The only way I can drink Organo Gold coffee exclusively for several days is to buy a ton of it. And frankly, the latte didn't taste all that great, so I probably won't. Sorry family member who wants me to become a coffee distributor.
Okay, how about some lazy fiction?

By "lazy" - I mean I am going to post a link to a sample of Coreene Callahan's writing. A fun and whimsical interview is what enticed me to buy the book. Here is the Author attempting to interview her main character. This is just an awesome writing sample, and it sucked me right in.

I have started reading Fury of Fire, but only just, so I really can't write a review, or even offer much of an opinion yet. So far it looks like something readers of paranormal romance would enjoy.

There's an author interview here.

Have a great Thursday, darlings, and a great weekend!

I have to get cracking on writing some words so I can keep ahead of ya'll with A year of Sundays! The blog is catching up to me - dangnabbit, how did that happen?


  1. I tried to post before and it seemed to get if this is a repeat, apologies! Essentially I said a) this post makes me want coffee, b) I've had a bunch of friends try to sucker me into selling different things for them, and have learned over time to say "no" and c) you are not allowed to sell coffee, as I want you writing! (LOL)

  2. Coffee... coffee... I swear it's only my need for coffee that convinces me to roll my sleepy behind out of my cozy bed!

    I'm writing - I swear!