Friday, April 13, 2012

SM Johnson -join me in The Darker Side (of fiction) - Triberr

Hello, my darlings. I am procrastinating, and I have been doing it really well all morning long. While drinking coffee, of course. And not writing the next installment of A Year of Sundays. I did not realize that I would eventually catch up to myself and become a serial fiction stress ball. Ah well. I digress.

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Have you heard of Triberr? It is an interesting social media manager (touted by Triberr as "the reach multiplier") that lets you create "tribes" of bloggers who then tweet each others' blog headlines with links to each blog.

So basically, you create your tribe, and each member of the tribe puts in their blog address (possibly RSS feed? I can't remember anymore) and Twitter ID. The home page is a "stream" of blog posts waiting for your approval. Once you approve each post, it then gets auto-tweeted from your Twitter handle to your followers. You set up how often you want tweets to go out, from every 20 minutes to every 120 minutes.

Clicking on the headline or blog title of each post in your stream brings you to the blog itself, so if you want to know what your are tweeting (I like to know what I'm offering to my followers) - you can easily review a post before giving it your approval.

But, as far as I can tell, you can't just join Triberr because you want to - you have to be invited. And once you're invited to join one tribe, you can then create your own tribe.

So all of this is a LONG way of saying... I have created my own Tribe called The Darker Side (of fiction).

Only right now it's a tribe of (1) - umm, yeah, that would be me. All alone in my tribe.

I would love, love, love to invite some more people into my tribe and we can all share our love of naughty, dark, off-mainstream blog posts, book reviews, reader recommendations, and writer shout-outs.

I am inviting readers, writers, and reviewers of outside the norm fiction (examples: erotica, bdsm, gay and lesbian, dark fiction, impossible romance) to request an invite to my tribe.

Here's the catch: I can't invite you unless you follow me on Twitter. So to join my tribe, please follow me @SMJohnsonWrites, and then send me a DM, an email, or put your twitter handle in the comments of this post, and I will be happy to invite you to my tribe, The Darker Side (of fiction).

This could be all sorts of naughty fun!

At the moment my tribe avatar is me (egads!), but hopefully this weekend I will get some time to create a tribe badge that is way cooler than just a picture of silly old me.

I have another change in the works here where ~things go naughty in the night~

Bloody Monday will encompass a broader scope of horror and dark fiction. I had hoped to get some rousing vampire discussion rolling, and, ultimately, to have readers nominate their favorite vamps and talk about what they love, hate, or love to hate them... but, while perhaps not an epic fail, my goal for this blog meme has fallen short.

So - go big or go home, right? For sure I am going to include some literary pop culture in these discussions, the latest rage, the biggest thing, the book that everyone's waiting to be made into a movie.

Tomorrow I'll be talking about the Hunger Games. Stay tuned!

Okay, housekeeping over. And I'd better stop procrastinating, hmm?

PS - my latest short story, impossible romance 18 Dead, is now FREE at Smashwords, and will soon be distributed to iTunes, Nook, Kobo and other ebook retailers, also for free! I suspect it will remain .99 at Amazon, however, because I heard Amazon has discontinued price-matching free books (shrug). Kindle users can download a .mobi file from Smashwords and side-load and still read it for free :-)

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