Sunday, May 6, 2012

Above the Dungeon Ending addition


Here is the improved ending to Above the Dungeon:

Chapter 27

Stop the presses, here's the new guy.
Mutual flogging. Eye contact. Roman really wanted me to like this guy, to bond with him.
And wasn't that part of my submission, anyway? Bend to the Master's will and all that. Remember Tristan, right? Once I gave up jealous anger and let myself get to know him, everything was easier.
And if Roman wanted Dare, Roman would have Dare. Can't get much simpler than that.
I don't know. I kind of viewed Dare as repressed and playing at all of this, but it was possible that Roman saw something else in him. Roman could read people like nobody's business, and certainly better than I ever could.
I laced my fingers through Dare's and looked into his eyes. He was nervous or embarrassed or something. But he was still obedient. Maybe that was some of the appeal. I know that pushing limits and forcing me to face fears is one of the things that totally gets Roman off, so I guess I could see why Roman might enjoy someone who's afraid of practically everything we do. It made a twisted kind of sense.
I got the first rain of flogger blows, and Dare the second. And when it was my turn again, Roman increased the speed and the intensity, and I found myself clinging to Dare, who obediently held me up.
And then Suede appeared, and it was a relief, because it was hard to let myself slip away when any minute Roman might switch to flogging Dare. I didn't dare look around for Vanessa, but she would be close, watching Suede in action.
So there we were, Dare and I. Two helpless bottoms attached to one another, suffering the same fate, for the pleasure of the Master.
Suede had a very nice flogging technique, and it was easy for me to submit to it, to let my jealous thoughts fall to the wayside and just be in the moment.
When Roman started hitting Dare harder, Dare clung to me, and moaned, and looked into my eyes, and his own eyes were soft with submission and acceptance, and we were not only in this together, but we were beautiful.
I could feel my hips jutting out toward him, wanting to rub my cock against him. We were twins in the moment, and there was something powerful about sharing this.
And as my body strained under blows both physical and emotional, it seemed like Roman read my mind, because he removed Dare's leather jock and urged him close to me, so close that we could rub against each other.
Dare started to freak out, but Roman talked to him, petted and praised him, and it seemed to be just what Dare needed to comply.
There was a challenge here for Roman that heightened his excitement, and how could I not benefit from that? My place was secure. As Roman told Dare to let go, I had to let go as well.
The Mistress and the Master were striking us in perfect rhythm. I stared into Dare's eyes as our hips ground together, and I figured it out; the more I love, the more love I have to give.
Loving more than one person makes my heart spill over with joy, and I wanted Roman to know that feeling. It was okay to give Dare a chance, to risk letting Roman love him, because maybe it would be beautiful. Hell, maybe it would be phenomenal.

* *
There came a moment when Dare's eyes met Jeff's, and they were totally in this together. And for that one second, Dare thought maybe he could do this.
 Then he became aware of hands exploring his waist, and the leather that protected his cock and scrotum was pulled away and tossed aside.
Roman urged Dare closer to Jeff, and Jeff smiled into Dare's eyes, but Dare was mortified about being exposed. He struggled against Roman's hands. Too much. There were too many watchers, too many eyes, and Roman was going to make him press and rut against Jeff in front of all of them. Dare started to panic.
Roman leaned over the table and spoke into Dare's ear. "Take a breath. You are beautiful. The two of you are breathtaking, and this is my will. If you let yourself go and let me do what I do, you won't be sorry. I promise."
Dare took a deep breath, and Roman's eyes pulled Dare in like the moment they met. Dare knew instantly that he would not defy Roman, not now, not here.
Dare sighed, and nodded, and let himself be guided forward until his hips were pressed against Jeff. Roman ruffled Dare's hair and said, "There's a good boy."
The praise itself made everything better.
Dare had a moment of clear thought as he realized Roman knew exactly how to play him. But then the flogging started again, and thoughts of self-preservation would have to come later.

* *
A little moan came out of Dare's throat that sent a jolt of electricity straight to my dick. I pressed against him and watched him let go, and he was beautiful. I knew, right then, exactly why Roman wanted Dare.
Fear turns to awe, awe to orgasm, and all masks, all pretense slips away. Dare's face showed everything that I felt in my heart, and it was Roman who did this. Roman, with his autocratic control, who loved us into submission.

* *
Consciousness came slowly, and when Dare fluttered his eyelids open, the light was too bright, so he closed them again.
If he opened his eyes, this crazy reality would demand to be recognized, and he wanted to avoid it, just for a little while. They were sleeping in a pile, with too many arms and legs in the bed, and it was almost too warm.
Dare felt safe, secure and wanted. And, he was surprised to realize, supremely content in this moment.
Roman snored softly, one hand curled around Dare's wrist, one leg resting against Dare's thigh. Dare opened his eyes and examined his forearm, the way Roman's very masculine fingers looked against his skin, and his stomach clenched because it looked hot and felt right.
Jeff groaned, stretched in his sleep, and shifted to wrap his body around Roman, who was between them.
Roman let go of Dare's wrist and his now-empty hand searched the air until it found Jeff's skin, and then it came to rest, fingers smoothing patterns against Jeff's flesh. Jeff sighed, starting to wake up, and opened his eyes.
Dare offered a smile, which Jeff returned.
Jeff's hand rested on Roman's chest, and Dare watched Jeff's fingers trace the same patterns on Roman's skin that Roman was tracing on Jeff's. It was the most intimate thing Dare had ever witnessed; as if they were connected on a metaphysical level.
Dare watched their hands and wondered what joke of the universe landed him here when all he'd wanted was a life just a little less predictable, just a little more intense. Not this intense.
Jeff raised his fingers, leaving his palm in contact with Roman's chest, and waggled them at Dare. Was it an invitation? Dare held his breath for a moment, then reached his hand out and let his fingers intertwine with Jeff's, let Jeff teach him the pattern.
"My beautiful boys," Roman said, his voice low and seductive, still raspy from sleep.
Dare would have startled, would have jerked his hand away, except Roman grasped their tangled fingers and held on tight.


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