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SM Johnson ~Bloody Monday ~ Roman's in the house..

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Hey everybody! Roman's in the house! I'm hoping he'll keep ya'll busy today while I go visit the 9/11 memorial. Sound like a deal?

Well, Roman Preston.  Welcome to the blog!  Dare I ask you for a fuller introduction?

Roman Preston. Dungeon Master. That should tell you everything you need to know. I like to control my world and the people in it. Having control taken away leaves me almost paralyzed. Not that I’d ever let it show.

The creator/character relationship could be described as a give and take one. Who is the taker and who is the giver in your relationship?

I don’t share myself easily, and I’ll never willingly show any weakness, even to SM. She thinks she has me all figured out, but I surprise her. Often.

How much is Above the Dungeon/Out of the Dungeon?

They're both free if you're willing to play SM's game and search this blog for coupon codes. She left a hit on the bottom of this post about where best to look. Otherwise book 1, Above the Dungeon is $2.99 and book 2, Out of the Dungeon, is $1.99.

And, if your creator could spend all of that money on a treat, what would it be?

Reeses’ PB cups. Because she ought to have better self-control.

Euch – someone brought me some of those back from the US once.  Utterly bizarre snack!
Assuming the tables were turned and you became the author, what story would you cast your creator turned character in?

I’d put her in bondage and give her to a skilled Dominatrix so I could watch her squirm and listen to her beg, knowing all the while that she loves the fear and energy found in power-exchange relationships.

Phew!  Sounds like a pretty busy afternoon!  

Tell us something about your creator that they’re unlikely to share themselves?

Sometimes she portrays the male POV astonishingly well. And sometimes she bombs by telling all kinds of emotional drivel that I’d never tell ANYONE. Heck, I barely let myself feel it, I’m certainly not going to to gab about it, especially in mixed company.

Tell us one of your bad habits.

Assuming that every one else wants what I want.

Tell us one of your creator’s bad habits.

She smokes. That’d be the first bad habit to go, if she were my submissive.

If you lived in the same world as your creator, would you be likely to move in the same circles?

Eh, yes and no. I’d be at the center of the circle, though, and she’d stay on the fringe. She’s too timid to say out loud what she wants – to me, at least, who could fulfill so many of her submissive fantasies. And she has this thing about keeping her clothes on in public…

Well, yes, she’s not alone there…

I know you’re a busy Dungeon Master, so we’re almost done but now here’s a quickfire comparison round: your favourites and hers…

Mine: Black leather and chrome. Boots. A doe-hide flogger with half inch tails and a perfect counter-weighted handle. My six-foot long single-tailed whip – so familiar it’s like an extension of my arm. Whatever meal my slave Jeff prepares for me, I will eat. My favorite destination is the dungeon, of course. And what happens there might turn you on so much it’ll blow your plans for the day, so I’ll refrain from describing that. For now.

Hers: She’ll eat whatever is prepared for her, and she’ll like it, since she hates to cook. Her favorite city is New Orleans, and no wonder, considering she lives in Wisconsin, of all places. Not that I have much to say about that, considering I grew up in the Midwest. She’s always reading, so I surely couldn’t guess what her favorite books are, although she got pretty flushed in the face reading The Seduction of a Proper Lady by Kristabel Reed. She also really likes Anne Rice and Lee Child, and she said something the other day about the Allie's War series by JC Andrijeski being the favorite series of her lifetime so far.

And now the moment of truth: review SM Johnson’s book

The book is all right, I guess. Kind of violates my privacy, though, and I could live without that. The last book, Above the Dungeon, was our first together, and she broke the subs wide open but left me alone — a silent, stone-faced enigma. I have to say I preferred it that way.

This time she took everything away from me and left me reeling.

But hey, if you want to read about what happens when a strong Dominant is brought completely to his knees by loss, than by all means, go ahead. My way of dealing with grief is probably quite different than the norm. It probably makes an interesting story. And there are some hot scenes. Really hot.

Well, it’s been a pleasure to meet with you – and without the pain!  Will we see you again?  Any last words?

My creator is a sucker for a few good reviews and sequel requests, so you ask her, you might see me again.

If not, in the words of Don Pendleton’s Executioner, “Live Large.”

Learn more about Roman by picking up Above the Dungeon and Out of the Dungeon. Search this blog (hint: Thrusday Morning Coffee) for Smashwords coupons to get them both for free!

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