Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SM Johnson ~ Remote blogging ~

Good afternoon, my darlings! Just a quick update...

I shall be away from my desk and hanging out in NYC with my mom for the rest of this week and part of next. Blogger assures me that Thursday Morning Coffee, A Year of Sundays, and Bloody Monday are scheduled to post all by themselves.

I guess we shall see about that, hmm?

It's a good thing I'm going somewhere, because I was unable to make arrangements to attend the Saints and Sinners Writers Festival in New Orleans, and I feel so sad that I will be missing all my lovelies there.

I am planning, however, to see at least one of my lovelies, Emanuel Xavier, at El Museo Del Barrio on Saturday night. If you click the link, make sure to take note of the fan giving Manny that sexy, windblown look... and I met Emanuel at Saints and Sinners in 2010, so hopefully we shall have our own little reunion.

The last Saturday night I spent in NYC was on Christopher Street in a tattoo shop (Tattoo Heaven) for some crazy long time, like six hours. But, hey, I brought home ink to remember it by!

Ultimately, I decided I wanted it a bit more "girly" so my fave guy at Anchor's End, Jay, did some additional work... and he said, and I quote, "No more impulse tattoos," and threatened to tattoo that on my forehead if I did it again. (Okay, so this wasn't the first tattoo I asked Jay to fix up for me. But don't get me wrong, the ink artist at Tattoo Heaven did a great job - but four out of the six of us in our group were getting tatts, so time was limited and I made my design choice perhaps a little too fast. Note to self: No more impulse tattoos.

All right, darlings, I'm off to finish packing. This might be the first time EVER that I am going on vacation (or anywhere) without my computer - but it appears our hotel charges extra for wi-fi, so I will have to survive without it. I'll be keeping taps with all my peeps via iPhone. And I'm packing hard copy of DeVante's Choice - so it's not like I won't be able to do some editing work. I know, obsessive much?

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