Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee~ NYC Part 1

Good morning, darlings, and welcome to Thursday Morning Coffee!

The coffee cup at the left is my gift to my husband in appreciation for him manning the home fires while I was away on vacation. The irony is that he truly doesn't like NY, and emphatically stated back in 2007 that he never, ever needs to visit the big city again.

Was I thinking thus when I purchased for him this ironic coffee cup? Ahhh, no. I had kind of forgotten that part. He laughed out loud when I gave it to him and said, "But honey, I don't love New York." So I lied and said I bought it for both of us - haha. Good save, hmm?

Anyway, my trip to the big city was awesome! Here's a quick run-down. We arrived at JFK. Oh yes, we did. Now... for those of you more experienced with the big city than I, you probably know that La Guardia is the better choice. Mm-hmm. Mistake #1. It was an hour and a half from JFK to Times Square. Oh, and it was also $65 from JFK to Times Square. Yikes!

Anyway. Wandered around Times Square Thursday evening, located the restaurant we would visit almost daily for breakfast (Edison Hotel), the deli I would visit several times per day for coffee (Danny's - the European blend was so... mmmmmm), and the corner joint where we would eat amazing pizza at midnight - more than once (Carve). We saw one of the best "shows" of the week at Danny's on Saturday night - but more on that later!

Friday, we took the Greyline Tour Downtown/Lower Manhatten Loop all the way to Battery Park, where we got off the bus and on the little cruise ferry that took us close to the statue of Miss Liberty, without all the 3 hour wait for the actually ferry over to Liberty Island. Whew. She was closed for renovation anyway, so we got as close as we needed to get.

Friday evening we went to the TKS booth (discount theater tickets) in Times Square and go tickets to the Broadway show Memphis. Later, when visiting the TKS booth for a second time, we realized that we might have "taken cuts" in the line the first time around. Whoops. It wasn't on purpose, it was all just so confusing. We had never heard of Memphis, but it was a really great show. The singers - dang, just amazing.

Saturday we took the Greyline Tour Uptown Loop, and learned all about the Upper East side, the Upper West side, the assassination of John Lennon, many different museums and churches, why New Yorkers use public transportation, how much New Yorkers love Donald Trump (NOT!), and a host of other cool stuff. We also saw quite a lot of Central Park without getting off the bus - although we certainly could have gotten off and wandered into the park if we had desired.

I recommend these bus tours if you don't know NY very well. I really ended up with a good idea of how the city is laid out, and that alone increased my comfort in navigating the awesome subway system.

The subway system is one of my favorite things about NYC. It's just such a cool way to get around. Our Greyline passes were for 48 hours, so we didn't use the subway for the first couple of days, but after that I felt pretty confident that I could find my way around. What happens to me every time though, is complete and total disorientation when I out of the subway stations on to the street. I stand there, staring up at buildings, trying to figure out exactly where the heck I am in relation to where I'm trying to go.

Pretty much every time I have to find a deli employee, police officer, taxi driver, or hotel concierge/door guy to point out which direction I need to go in now. But everybody was super friendly about helping us out.

Okay, I am so tired that I will have to leave this blog To Be Continued...

In the meantime, if you've traveled to NYC, did you learn any cool tips and tricks? And did you find some little local places that you absolutely love? Do tell!

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