Thursday, May 3, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee~

***UPDATE*** Above the Dungeon with a few updates and improvements, is now available at Smashwords and should be available at Amazon within 48 hours, perhaps by Monday!

Thursday Morning Coffee will be delayed to Thursday Evening Vodka. Just as soon as I finish reading Fifty Shades Freed. Because until then, I am utterly useless. Cheers, darlings.

Alrighty, then. Here we are for Thursday Evening Vodka. Make mine a double. With a triple shot of caffeine.

Why is it that when you're pregnant, no one steps up and actually says out loud that offspring suck the life out of you? Particularly super intense emotionally dramatic female offspring? Oh no, it's all soft pinks teddy bears, light yellows, and rocking chairs.

Hardly ever does anyone look straight into your face and warn you that there will be a lot of moments when you'll be thinking this whole idea of raising small human beings is a terrible one.

So now you have some inkling of why I'd like a double shot of vodka. Sprite played hard, worked hard in Karate, and then played even harder, so at this moment in time she is exhausted and has lost all rational thought.

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And why am I calling for a triple shot of caffeine? Because I got sucked into the Fifty Shades trilogy. Which mean that Above the Dungeon went out of print at Torquere before I have a manuscript prepared for Amazon.

And what THAT means is that Above the Dungeon is actually OUT OF PRINT (well, e-print) at this very minute.

And despite the fact that this is my own damn fault, it gives me stress.

On the other hand - Lookie! --------------------------->

A beautiful new cover!

I made a little joke on Monday that I should change the title to Fifty Shades of Gay for the re-release - but I looooooove this cover, and changing it would be way too much freaking work. Besides, then it couldn't be called my Dungeon series anymore, now could it?

So what's behind my little joke? Well, just a little tidbit of thought here... if Fifty Shades didn't go exactly down the path you expected, and if you think gay boys are hot, Above the Dungeon is the story of an experienced Dungeon Master (Dom) and his sweet, scared new-to-the-lifestyle submissive.

I'm not comparing it to Fifty Shades - the story line is NOT similar to Fifty Shades. I'm just going to suggest that if you liked what happened in the Red Room of Pain, you might also like what happens in Roman's Dungeon. That is, if you think men who love men are hot. Because that is of primary importance to enjoying this book.

So that being said - I need to slam those two shots of vodka and get that triple dose of caffeine blasting through my veins. Expect to find Above the Dungeon available for sale at an exciting reduced price at both Smashwords and Amazon - hopefully by Monday, latest. (We shall see about that).

O Life! How you interfere with my creative endeavors! (says me, in the style of my favorite poet Sara Teasdale b.1884 d.1933)

Happy Thursday evening, darlings - have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to come back on Sunday for the next crazy installment of A Year of Sundays.


PS - last note of business, I am cleaning up the many, many duplicate pics stored in the blog album, so some posts might be missing images until I add them again.

**Friday Morning note** I am thankful for my instinct for both vodka AND caffeine - I got up at 5 am yesterday morning and it is 11 am today and I still haven't slept more than a couple of intermittent dozing 1/2 hour moments. Gotta love those bugs that run around in schools and make children vomit all night. And mommies do laundry all night. And we're off to see the pediatrician. Sigh.

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