Thursday, June 7, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee~

Good morning, darlings, and welcome to Thursday Morning Coffee. So pour a cup and let's chat!

All right, so you guys don't talk much. I get it. No worries, I talk enough for two people all by myself, so it's all good.

Guess what? School's out and it's officially summer! Yay! And here's the most exciting part - WWIII at our house began IMMEDIATELY.

So... I've already put in a call to the therapist. Our third therapist.

Say what? Yeah.

We who are mental health workers often counsel our clients that not every therapist is appropriate for every client, and that it's important to find one you're comfortable with and with whom you feel able to build a trusting relationship.

Such advice slips past my lips pretty easily when I'm at work.

Much more easily than when I'm sitting in front of the THIRD therapist, trying to explain how the others just didn't get us, or at the very least, were not helpful. Or, probably closer to the truth, they allowed the Sprite to maintain her sweet, perfect child act, and therefore were likely convinced that I am psychotic (therapist #2 wouldn't even allow me to show her a video depicting what it's really like to life with my Sprite, the yelling, the screaming, the sheer and utter madness of it all).

I found the whole "search for the right therapist" thing kind of embarrassing, actually.

In my average, every day life, I'm pretty sure I'm not psychotic. But this is my first round in the parenting ring, and I freely admit that there are times when I really need some guidance. Usually what I want to know is this: Am I being unreasonable... and are my expectations too high?

My Sprite is an amazing actress, and she can turn on the charm like nobody's business.

But our new guy keeps us all in the same room together - rather than separating us out to discuss issues one-at-a-time. One-at-a-time is great for venting, but not so great for brainstorming the stuff that's really going to help us communicate more effectively, or, at the very, very least - stop driving each other up into the crazy-tree.

Body-language can be so telling. It's pretty obvious who is or isn't psychotic when the room vibe reaches Highly Uncomfortable.

So anyway - that's my ramble.

I'm writing the rest of DeVante's Choice by hand - not that there's anything wrong with my computer, other than the ability to constantly distract myself with such lovelies as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Stumble Upon. The story arcs are done, but there are some transitions to write, setting work, and the tying up of loose ends - tedious bits and pieces, but that can be the difference between a smooth read and a WTF?

That's all I've got for coffee this time, darlings. Hope you have a wonderful, warm, rain-free weekend. Unless dancing in the rain is your thing.

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