Monday, July 16, 2012

SM Johnson ~Bloody Monday~ My short list

Delilah's blog

I had hoped to be posting a review (of sorts) of Wicked as they Come by Delilah S. Dawson for this week's Bloody Monday, because as I suggested last Monday, it promises to be somewhat dark and wonderfully strange. Unfortunately, although I received the paperback in my mailbox on Saturday, the rest of the weekend kicked my reading time to the curb. But I am about 50 pages in, and so far it's damn good.

(Click the captions under the book covers to go to the authors' blogs or sites).

But I'm not far enough in to write any kind of review yet.

I would have read further, but there is an iPod problem, and an iTunes problem, thus creating an iSprite problem. Oh yes. I won't go into detail, but for reasons that are entirely NOT MY FAULT, the Sprite's iPod wants a password, and either Sprite can't remember it, or the device itself isn't recognizing the password since the battery bottomed out. And iTunes cute little iForgot feature apparently isn't going to work without restoring factory settings and losing all her music.

All her music includes hundreds of songs I ripped from Kids Bop, Justin Bieber, Hanna Montana, and Bratz CDs, to name only a few.

Either way it's a crisis for ME.

image from Technorotic
Mainly because I hate hate hate hate iTunes. How the "plug-and-play" company of Apple managed to create such a horribly user-unfriendly program defies all logic.

We have my iTunes account on my laptop, my phone, and the family iPad. My husband has his iTunes account on his phone and his laptop. I think the kid's iPod (a broken iPhone 3) is connected to my husband's iTunes, or maybe I created her a 2nd iTunes library on the desktop computer (with all her ripped music), but I can't tell, because it's password protected and I can't peruse the music list to figure it out. And her joint but separate library was stored on the desktop hard-drive. And the desk top is dead.

And then there's iCloud, and iCloud Match, and iTunes Family Share.

I keep getting the message from iCloud that I've used up my free 5GB of data (is that even possible?) and they want money from me before they'll give me more space. And I'm sitting here thinking, "Yeah, but I PAID MONEY for iCloud Match, so what the heck's the difference?)

Good God, who could flipping keep any of this straight?

I certainly can't.

So hello, my name is Mud today, because I can't fix the iPod.

Anywhoo.  Back to my subject of the many things I'm reading at the moment.

I've always been a "read till you finish" kind of girl, for fiction, at any rate, meaning I wouldn't start a new book until I finished the current one. And suddenly, that just isn't true anymore. I'm in the middle of no less than FOUR novels right now, and I want to read them all.

Melanie Gideon's blog

I already mentioned Wicked as they Come by Delilah S. Dawson.

Another book I'm currently reading is Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon. It's pretty good, and I like it. I won the hardcover in a contest at Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust (thanks, Steph!)

Carolyn McCray's blog
On my Kindle, I'm reading a surprising little something called Encrypted: An Action-Packed Techno-Thriller by Carolyn McCray (click the picture caption to go to Carolyn's blog). I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about this one, including the part where the genre/description is part of the actual Kindle title. I found it in a collection on my Kindle of some promotion or other of authors I'd never read before, and, to be perfectly honest, I had not found any new favorites in the bunch.

Until maybe just now.

Encrypted is so far quite lovely, and might  contain the most unusual couple that I've ever read in a romance. It's quite reminiscent of The Thomas Crown Affair.

I was also a bit unsure of a title that included the genre/description. I thought that was super odd. I don't see the description on the book cover as part of the title. But whatever. Encrypted sucked me right in and is holding me tight.

And then there are the 3 books sitting on my desperate to read list. But I have to save talking about those for another day, because the cat's hungry. And God knows one can't get anything done when the cat's hungry.

I'm sorry it's Monday, darlings - hope your week is great.


  1. OK it is Tuesday now, and I am awake after being awoken by dreams of cheese and making blueberry muffins and and.. iTunes, oh how I love to hate you and how now that I have discovered Prime, I no longer have to BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU *la-la-la* I cannot find my 160 gig iPod and our iPhones are holding steady but since we share an account, it merged our contacts so I accidently call his boss and yell at her for being a whore (she was!! I SWEAR and she is a BFF) and she laughs and says. iCloud huh? OMG! THANK GOD... she likes me, I ended up sending her muffins .. maybe I am .. naaaaaa but now I am awake at 4 AM and I think I will make muffins... *walking away from the computer* OH and the blog looks FABULOUS! *jazz hands and bacon*

  2. LMAO. You are a bit... umm... nonsensical in the morning, Kriss. (grin).