Thursday, July 26, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Oozing wounds...

...and other things that offend sensibilities.

There are some things that annoy me to no end.

Oozing wounds on childish knees being the primary annoyance in my life today. The knees of my Sprite.

Yikes. And... might I have mentioned in the past that Sprite has a bit of a penchant for the dramatic?

Yesterday I was a total slug. All I managed to do was a few loads of laundry. Today I accomplished even more - I washed myself in the shower. Ooh. Yes, so exciting.

No, actually - I also ordered a cake for Sprite's 9th birthday celebration, purchased 2 whole pineapples, 2 whole coconuts, and some deli ham. And I'm reading a book.

All of this in between whining requests for any number of different things, not to exclude chocolate shakes, pineapple chunks, Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee, chicken tenders, iced tea, more band-aids, a hair brush, a sip of coffee, a movie, a blankie, an elephant, and 869386584 requests for multiple remote controls (well, okay, mostly I've been reading a book).

Annoyance #2: My cat allergies are getting worse. Sometimes I can hardly breathe when I wake up in the morning. My defense was to vaccinate him well and allow him to stay outside at night - which, let me explain before PETA crawls up my ass - he LOVES to be outside at night. It's his favorite thing.

So far the only negative side-effect has been a few dead mice in my driveway (she says, cringing as PETA crawls up her ass and slaps a lawsuit on her for cruelty to field mice, and then revises the lawsuit to be merely an addendum to the suit regarding field mice drowning in an unexpected and unprecedented flood in early June where there hasn't been a flood since 1972...) but I digress.
Have I mentioned that PETA is trying to sue our zoo, which was completely devastated by flood waters? Eleven beloved and named animals drowned, breaking the hearts of every zoo keeper, employee, volunteer, and docent... because the city on a hill had no inkling that such a thing could possibly happen. Talk about punishing the victims.

How very, very sad.

I will become a docent at said zoo in August... able to offer visitors information and hands-on learning with some of the animals - yay!

Annoyance #3 is petty, so I'll skip it.

Oh dear. This is all so negative.

Okay. Let's turn things around and list 5 things in my life that I am grateful about:

1) I am able to work part time, allowing me to be home with Sprite a whole bunch. And more importantly, allowing me to spend lots of time writing books (because Sprite's pretty much off with her friends, anyway, unless she's sick or nursing an injury).

2) My healthy marriage, more than words can express.

3) Loving dogs and needy cats, because while they may be annoyances at times, animals make the world a nicer place.

4) Eyesight. Seriously.

5) The fact that I typically fall asleep without effort.

Happy Thursday darlings! Hope this week is treating you kind.

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  1. #6: Little girls who do dishes to pay off their meager debts. Ahhh, life is good.