Thursday, August 2, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Bikes and General Busy-ness

Good morning, darlings, and happy, happy Thursday!

It's a two-happy day because I survived Sprite's birthday party, broke out the hammock, and am officially on vacation - yay! (here's a picture of Sprite's birthday bike - finally, a bike that fits her "style." Because 9 year old girls must have style. Ah, this child. She shall change the world.

It's the hammock that makes vacation official.

We don't have appropriate trees, so I have a "frame" style hammock that I purchased, hauled home, and put together all by myself.

In my fantasy of being a full-time writer, there is a hammock. There's actually a kind of "garden" room with plants, a fresh breeze, and maybe a waterfall and an indoor stream (just a small one) ... and a hammock for daydreaming. A huge part of my writing process is daydreaming, working stuff out in my head, listening to what my story people really want me to hear.

So I decided if I couldn't have the whole fantasy, I could at least have a part of it, so there needed to be a hammock. I'd put that sucker in the house, if I could figure out where.

So far, on my vacation, I've been the the DMV, out to lunch with my mom, washed several loads of laundry, drove my child from place, and then from place to place, and then from place to place AGAIN... to the point where I said, "This is getting ridiculous," and refused to pick her up 20 minutes after dropping her off. So now there's a 2 hour minimum. That's how I roll.

(We're talking rides to friends' houses, the supervised parks program, or the YMCA - not that I'm ditching her at the mall).

On my list today - catching up with a dear friend this afternoon, the hand of another friend later while she gets her first tattoo, and more laundry.

Harley Davidson dot com
Sprite's going to sleep-away camp on Sunday, and the hubby and I are taking the new Harley for a little road trip. I hope it doesn't rain. I mean, ass-less chaps are sexy and everything, but riding in the rain definitely does sucketh.

Our bike is an Ultra Classic, similar to the one at the right, but the tank and side bags are two-toned black and silver. And there's this amazing blue sparkly fleck in the black paint. It is beautiful! I'm excited to finally have a comfortable seat. Hubby's excited to have a radio/CD player.

Our first Harley is a Screaming Eagle V-Rod (left), which is a whole different Harley animal. Yes, I rode bitch on this bike for over 800 miles in Sturgis, South Dakota. Talk about sore ass, sore knees, sore back. Hubby leaned on me, but all I had to lean on was that teeny-tiny seat back, which is about 5 inches tall.

No radio. No bags. No way to even carry rain gear.

So yeah, I was lobbying for a new bike. I admit it. And that makes me a really cool wife.

Those side bags on the black bike aren't all that big. Packing should be pretty interesting. I think hubby told me I can bring 2 pairs of jeans, 2 tee shirts, and some lotion.

I'm like, "What about shorts? Shoes? A sweatshirt? My Kindle? Make-up bag? Kitchen sink?"

He's just looking at me, shaking his head.

I'm going to watch what he packs. Because if he brings 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of tennis shoes, that's like... really heavy. Especially his shoes. So I should get the equivalent in weight, right? 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 swimming suit, a beach towel, and the laptop...

Okay, no, I'm kidding. We're only going for a few days. Couple pairs of jeans, tee shirts, and deodorant should do it. And lipstick. Lipstick doesn't take up much room at all...

Oooh! You know what else sucketh?



I know, I know, I was whining about iTunes just last week.

But I finally got all the apps and music onto Sprite's iPod, and only lost what I'd ripped from her CDs. Which is about 75%. But I made up for it by syncing with my iTunes, which kept her recent purchases and added another 480 songs. Oh yeah, also put the 49 game apps from the iPad onto her iPod. It's not saying too much to say that I am MOM HERO of the day.

All right, let's recap.

I'm on vacation for 15 days. I pressured my husband into buying a new Harley. I put over 500 songs and apps on Sprites iPod.

I totally rock.

Now if I could just get a few minutes (okay, multiple hours) to do my favorite-est thing - sitting quietly by myself writing stories.

Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, it's summer. That's not going to happen.

But on Saturday I do get to see a whole line-up of my favorite 90s bands at an outdoor venue - Everclear, Marcy Playground, Lit, Gin Blossoms, and Sugar Ray. I'm bringing Sprite along - after all, a bunch of music from these groups has suddenly appeared on her iPod, so she might as well get to know them a little better.

Oooh, I had a re-occurring dream last night. It was very odd, and I'd like to sit still for a little while today (maybe in the hammock?) and explore that a little bit, before I lose the few bits and pieces that I remember. But the feeling of definitely having experienced this dream before was really strong - even while inside the dream.

All right, darlings - have a great Thursday, and a beautiful weekend!

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