Thursday, August 30, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee~ Chaos in my Kitchen

So yes, I have been a lightweight blogger this week. Yikes! Again I must put it all into perspective that sometimes life gets in the way, and that's that. The more you rail against it, the more crazy you'll get. So it's much better to just submit.

So I thought I would share some pictures of the craziness around here.

I mentioned on Sunday that everything we're up to right now is directly related to the bathroom remodel we started back in 2009.

rotted wood
This is what we saw when we tore up 5 layers of flooring on Saturday.

Eek! That looks totally nasty, doesn't it?

original hole
And so I know that I reported that we hired a carpenter on Sunday, right? Yep. He was here and he was very pleasant and worked had all day.

But the whole carpenter thing is really weird. He said he had a job to finish on Monday, but he expected to be here around noon. So hubby came home from work five hours early and then... the carpenter was waiting for someone he had to talk to, but he'd be on his way soon. And he'd definitely be here by 2 pm, no worries.

At 4 pm my husband called him and said, "Well, I can't sit around here anymore, so I'm going to start without you." (My husband has two speeds - full-speed ahead, or asleep on the couch. Once in a while there's an in-between stage of watching television).

So when my husband was done working all by himself Monday, we ended up with the kitchen stripped down to the basic support system. We have a crawl-space, not a basement, so walking across the floor joists isn't dangerous, but still, a bit perilous at 5 am Tuesday morning carrying my coffee out to the garage to add cream and sugar.

Yeppers. See the edge of the counter in the picture on the right? The coffee pot was there. Then that big hole stretched all the way across the kitchen, and out the door way, which is out of view to the far left. So yeah, only 3 joists to traverse. But still.

The best part was when I got to the garage, added milk to my coffee, and discovered that my cup was full of hot milky water. Because I get a little screwy when I have to get up at 5 am during a time when my routine is disrupted by chaos, so when I set up the coffee pot Monday night, I filled the water well, I emptied the carafe, I put the filter in place, and I set the timer.

And somehow I neglected to put actual coffee in the filter.

Trust me when I say... it was a complicated morning.

I mean, seriously, look at my dining room!

But when I got home from work Tuesday afternoon, things were looking better.

Not sure exactly who this dude is in the picture - but it's not my husband.

(Oh, and FYI - we thought maybe the carpenter just takes Mondays off, but no, he was a no-call/no-show on Tuesday, as well. Apparently this is common with carpenters and contractors. O-kaaaaay - not sure how these people expect to make any money that way, but whatever).

almost ready for tile
Look ma, tile!

My husband, who owns a business, called the office and said, "HELP!" And the guys came through. Whew!

So Tuesday afternoon/evening, my husband started putting down the tile.

So... yay! Tons and tons of progress.

Today, Wednesday, my granddaughter and her mother came to visit, so I got to ditch the home improvement project and go to the beach. I am SO not complaining about that. Even though garage cooking has been a bit of a challenge. We had hoagies and cold-cuts twice. A rotisserie chicken one night. Chinese last night. Tonight we had rotisserie chicken soup that cooked all day in the crock-pot. Our gas grill has a burner, so that came in handy for cooking the soup noodles.

Help! The beer fridge is full of food.
Oh, except IzzyG. She hates my chicken soup (WTF?) so she trucked over to the neighbor's house with a can of chef-boy-ar-dee and they hooked her up with a microwave.
pretty new door

We got home from the beach, and I discovered we have a new door. Whoa. I had no idea we were replacing the door. But I'm good with it. It's not framed in yet, and I took this picture in the dark, but it's a really nice door.

No more beam-walking
Ta-da! New floor! (I took a two hour break from writing to sit and chat with my granddaughter's mother - who is one of my favorite people). And no, I am not old enough to be a grandmother - IzzyG is only 9. It's my husband's son from his first marriage who supplied us with a grandchild when he was 17 years old. I'll snap some pictures tomorrow of the cutest grandchild in the world. I think her mama is the coolest chic around, and although she and my step-son's romance didn't work out, they have learned a great deal about co-parenting, and are even becoming good friends.

Which is awesome. It is tricky business to find an appropriate middle-of-the-road when your granddaughter's parents are breaking up. I know that emotionally, we're supposed to automatically support our son. And it doesn't help when my husband's ex-wife seems to enjoy ramping up the drama - any kind of drama - but I had a candid conversation with my step-son in which I told him quite clearly that while I love him to pieces, I also adore his daughter's mother and fully intend to maintain a relationship with her. And he basically gave his blessing.

And I won't say that they never complain about one another, or share rumors they've heard and what not, but we're pretty good at not getting sucked into gossip, although we do listen to a certain mount of venting. Besides - these kids are 20 years younger than us and live in different cities - it really hasn't been all that hard to not take sides. I mean, we are grown-ups.

My tiny peanut granddaughter Alexz is about to turn FOUR! Whoa! How trippy is that? Following that is our little Alexz now - whoa! Not such a peanut anymore, but cute? Hell yeah.

Happy Thursday, darlings. I hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

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