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SM Johnson ~ Bloody Monday ~ Dreaming

Good morning, and welcome to Bloody Monday.

I am on vacation. Hopefully I'm not sitting on the back of a bike soaking wet while you're reading this. If the formatting is goofy, highlighted in white (which seems to be a problem I'm having), forgive me. I'll fix it when I get home, I promise. I am much too Virgo to ignore weird formatting.

I just don't have much to talk about in the way of fiction at the moment - been too busy packing Sprite for camp and myself for our little bike trip.


I mentioned dreams on Thursday.

I love dreaming. Partly because I usually know I'm dreaming, and therefore am aware that I am spending some quality time relaxing into sleep. I especially love the kind of wonky dreams I have when I'm just starting to drift off - the lovely feeling of floating that, if someone wakes you up (which always seems to happen), makes you startle practically right out of your skin. These are the moment when the imagination really takes off. (Maybe held in the beak of my Seagull muse?)

I'm going to tell you about one of my re-occurring dreams. And it would be super fun if you'd leave descriptions of your own re-occurring dreams in the comments (and we can laugh about how hard it it to capture a dream in actual words). We can even explore their meaning. There are lots of free sites to help interpret dreams.  (Start with the free dream dictionary at Dream Moods by clicking here.)

So I had this dream.

I was in a car, going somewhere. Or maybe I was leaving somewhere. And maybe I wasn't in a car, but walking down a path.

Anyway. I had a secret.

Or I was hiding an object, something that would help me escape. It was a key. Or maybe a book?

And there was this man, he definitely didn't want me to have the key or the book or whatever it was, so I was acting all innocent and compliant, but inside my head I was being very devious, plotting and planning my escape, waiting for just the right moment...


Chase dreams are one of several common dream themes, stemming from feelings of anxiety in your waking life. Flee and flight is an instinctive response to a physical threat in the environment. In such dreams, the scenario often features you being pursued by an attacker, an animal, a monster or an unknown figure, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you. Consequently, you run, you hide or you try to outwit your pursuer... (click the "I'm Being Chased" headline above to read more from the original site). 


[An interesting note here - if I'm having stress or anxiety, it's the good kind - I'm on vacation from work, planning and packing for a short trip - and yet I've developed a nasty cold sore, and also a migraine - sure signs of stress. Blah]

Anyway, in this dream: there were other people around - I have no idea who - but they knew I had the key or the book, in fact, they'd help me get hold of it, and were helping me hide it, but just a little, because this man, this bad guy, was very controlling and sort of angry, and everybody was afraid of him.

I don't remember feeling afraid. I just remember feeling sneaky.

And I was the only one trying to escape.


To dream that you escape from jail or some place of confinement signifies your need to escape from a restrictive situation or attitude. Alternatively, it suggests that you are refusing to face your problems. You are avoiding the situation, instead of confronting them.
To dream that you escape from injury from an animal, or from any situation, signifies your good health and prosperity. You will experience a favorable turn of events.... (to read more from the original source, click the headline above "Escape")


And there was a buffet.

WTF? Yes, a buffet table full of food.

Odder and odder.

That's the problem with writing down dreams. Or even telling people about them. This one was really fascinating to me, especially since during the dream I was aware that it was a dream, and aware that I'd had this exact dream before. So I knew what I was trying to do - escape - even though I have no idea what I was trying to escape from or why.

The sense of having been there before, of having dreamed that exact dream, was odd, too, and comforting in a strange kind of way.

It all made perfect sense - in my sleep. But already most of it is gone. If I had jumped out of bed and into the shower, and cranked the water really hot, I would have been able to translate the dream into words and maybe even a story, but alas, I wasn't that motivated.

I have another re-occurring dream that involves walking through a house, opening and closing doors. There is some significance, in dream interpretation, about house dreams. What I feel when I'm dreaming it, though, is this giant sense of deja vu - the sense that I've been here before, and I like this place. I always feel like that dream is a gift, because it somehow comforts me.

There's one dream that I remember very clearly even though it has never re-occurred.

One of my best male friends in high school committed suicide at the beginning of our junior year. I had never known anyone who died, except my grandfather when I was 6, so I think I kind of went more into shock than grief. Shock throughout the day that I got the news. Shock riding the city bus home, looking around at the people and being unable to fathom how they could possibly function normally when everything about the world had suddenly and irrevocably changed. Of course, now I know that one person's death doesn't change the world, it just feels like it should...

I was absolutely shattered. I'd had sex with this boy maybe 3 weeks before he died, and I even had a few days where I hoped desperately that the condom had failed and maybe I was pregnant (yes, teenage girls are that stupid).

And just when I was wondering how I was going to live through this loss - I dreamed about Adam, and he told me he was okay, and that I would be okay, and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me an Adam-hug - which was the kind of hug you feel from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes. And then he said goodbye.

And in the morning, I was better. Not all the way better, but probably 90% better than I'd been when I'd gone to sleep the night before.

I wanted to have that dream every night, but I never had it again.


To see or talk to the dead in your dream forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes material loss... (to read more from the original site, click "Dead.")


What are dreams, anyway? Are they images, like watching television? Are they thoughts? Emotions?

Emotions that create images, like the wandering beams of light in Windows Media Player that jump around and change according to the music?

Whatever they are - it's hard to catch the exact flavor of a dream using words. And if you do, it's still usually disjointed and boring as hell.

In one of my books, Out of the Dungeon, I originally had written a dream sequence that Jeff experience while in his coma. It was an actual dream I'd had, so I just kind of transcribed it into the story to increase my word count - because I wrote the first draft for NaNoWriMo, and words counted. Any words. Every word.

Later in the editing stage I removed that sequence - pages and pages of a dream that made absolutely no sense. But I liked the idea of visiting Jeff's psyche while he was unconscious, so I gave him some dreams about the accident that were more relevant to what he was going through.

Click here for 10 Interesting Facts about Dreams. And to see some really awesome dream-like art.

What say you, my darlings? Do you ever get story ideas from dreams? Do you remember your dreams with any kind of coherence? Or is it more of a general impression sort of memory?

I hope you have a great week, Darlings. Meet you back here on Thursday, k? Thx!

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