Monday, September 3, 2012

SM Johnson ~Bloody Monday~ House of Night

For quite some time now - like three years - my friend Cassidy (also known as my granddaughter's mother) has been telling me I should read a YA vampire series called House of Night by author P.C. Cast and her daughter, Kristin Cast.

I found the series at my library, but book one, Marked, was never available.

I finally got my hands on it, though.

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So. For the most part, I enjoyed Marked.

The first book was interesting, and I liked the concept of a vampire finishing school. I do get tired of the whole "queen B" girl who hates the protagonist story-line, but in this book at least that girl (Aphrodite) has some hidden depths, so it's not as cliched as it could be.

The MC is Zoey Redbird, and she gets marked as a vampire fledgling, and has to move into and attend school at the House of Night. Her parents are not only not supportive, they're members of a religious sect and might rather see Zoey dead than see her become a vampire.

The House of Night world borrows a little bit from the Men In Black films, in that the most accomplished and talented actors and musicians in the world are vampires.

Zoey quickly falls in with her roommate, Stevie Rae, and Stevie Rae's friends. The supporting cast of characters are pretty cool, although not fleshed out a whole bunch.

The story moves fairly quickly. Zoey is not the average fledgling - she's special. Other fledglings have a Mark on their foreheads that is the outline of a crescent moon. Zoey's Mark gets filled in with blue shortly between the time she's Marked and the time she arrives at the House of Night.

Of course, the MC being special is not unusual in stories - after all, that's what makes the MC more interesting. Think Harry Potter. Even though he wasn't the most studious character, he was the one with talent leaps and bounds above the rest.

Same with Zoey. She's the only known fledgling, and perhaps the only known vampire, who has an affinity with all five elements - air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. She's destined to become a High Priestess.

So there's your set-up. And of course the hottest boy in school is attracted to her. That's all I'm really going to say about Marked.

Overall - the world-building was steady and the story tripped along pretty nicely.

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Okay, so then I started book, Betrayed. I'm just barely at the beginning, but so far the villain girl is turning out to have a lot of depth. Our MC Zoey is pretty steady with the hottest boy in school, and of course, continues to be extraordinarily talented. Also, apparently, the hottest teacher in school is falling in love with her, too. And her boyfriend-less friends are still friendly and super-supportive and not jealous. Hmm.

As I was looking for book 2, I read the back of book 3, and in that one it sets us up for Zoey to have THREE almost-boyfriends. I supposed #3 is the most talented Warlock of the land?

So I find myself wondering... oy, how long can I stick with this series? I mean, the super-extra-talented MC who has no flaws and can have her pick of any available love interest is going to start to be a bore, you know what I mean?

Has anyone read up to date on the series? Am I on the wrong track? Am I about to be pleasantly surprised?


  1. Ya your on track alright but so much happens not just to Zoey, being a published author myself of Morning Light Coven a new series, I have to say these books go way deeper then just where your at. I hope you enjoy them and then come read mine. Thx, Lisa Marie Main

  2. Okay, Lisa, I will keep reading, and I'll check out your series, too. Thanks for the comment!