Thursday, September 13, 2012

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning coffee ~

Good morning, darlings, and happy Thursday! I am STILL in a world of chaos, so coffee this morning will be short and sweet.

The kitchen floor looks absolutely fabulous, although we still need to get to the painting and the decorating. And the bathroom - oh, sigh. It is gutted. Which means a dash up the stairs when one needs to use the facilities.

We have picked out wall tile, though, and are coming up with a plan. The wall is mess where the old, odd-sized tub used to be. Ugh. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to figure out how to fix THAT.

Fixing walls, then paint, a new toilet, and re-install the vanity that's just a couple of years old. I'd like a new mirror/medicine cabinet, hubby has some reservations on that. Ah well, we will get there.

Meanwhile, the downstairs portion of our house is just a wreck of closet and bathroom stuff piled everywhere. Somewhere in the mess my Kindle is sleeping, which makes me sad because before I misplaced it, I'd downloaded a whole bunch of new books.

To compensate for the downstairs disaster, I have spent two full days upstairs organizing, recycling, and tossing stuff, because I just can't function with the whole house in chaos. The upstairs is looking pretty good. The art room is available for art. Yay! And by the end of the day today, the guest room might even be ready for a guest. Not that there's a guest on the horizon, but one never knows.

IzzyG has had karate almost every day for the last two weeks, trying to catch up on classes so she can test for her advanced orange belt. We were 8 classes short - that's never happened before. The end of the summer was busy, indeed.

But she will test - on Saturday! And then one week later, she'll be in her first Karate tournament. We shall find out what that is like. Other than that - it's all about getting back into the routine of getting to bed on time, getting up on time, bus or no bus (she HATES the bus), and getting homework done. Man, September is exhausting.

I have two short impossible romances taking up space in my head, so one of them might be my next project. I have not heard from my publisher about a release date for DeVante's Choice yet, so for the moment the final edit of that baby is on hold.

The other huge thing going on is that my mom put her house on the market, and has accepted an offer. OMG. Which means she needs to find a place to live ASAP. So I'm helping her out - mostly offering moral support more than anything.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about NaNoWriMo this year - I want to be available to help my mom move to wherever she ends up moving.

Then again - IzzyG goes to karate almost every day, so there's a full hour of writing time just sitting around available if I want to take it. Perhaps I won't shoot for 50,000 words - perhaps I'll try to get full drafts of one or both of the impossible romances written. That would be kind of cool.

Me and IzzyG and Samantha saw the most amazing rainbow last Friday night. It was just after 7 pm, and it hadn't even rained in the previous hour or two, but there it was. It was the brightest, most glow-y rainbow I have ever seen in my life. I had to pull the car over and take some pictures with my phone.

Even the phone pictures are amazing, aren't they?

I am still being pretty well-behaved - wearing nicotine patches for approximately 12 (awake) hours per day, which cuts down on the smoking a lot. At least I can breathe when I wake up in the morning. I do notice my trigger times are in the morning while having coffee (no duh, right?), and while I'm talking on the phone. So I've been taking it off at bed time - although still having really vivid and wild dreams - and putting it on in the late morning after I'm done with coffee and phone stuff and am ready to get my day going.

It's not exactly quitting, but it's better than the more-than-pack-a-day that I've been smoking. Sigh.

That's all I've got today.

I'm off to hopefully look at some apartments and condos. Have a great weekend!

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