Sunday, September 16, 2012

SM Johnson ~Total Meltdown~

I am taking an extended snooze.

It is impossible to be a anything but waitress/mother/daughter/worker-bee right now, and railing against it is going to just make me angry.

Thanks for visiting me now and again.

I'll be back, hopefully sooner than later.

And yes, I'm crabby as hell about everything.


It appears that chaos will reign until mid-November, so I am just going to let go and let life take over for a bit. Blog posting will be spotty. Part of the trouble is that whole days and weekends go by at the moment where I never get a chance to boot up the computer. Heck, I found my computer in IzzyG's room at midnight Saturday night! No one was aware that she had absconded with it. And the thing is - my computer is the one thing that I do not share well with others - it's MINE! But I digress...

I will continue writing A Year of Sundays, although I will not promise to post every Sunday, as I am going to work on it longhand, in a notebook, with a pen. While nice music is playing. Ahhh....

The best ways to check for updates will be to follow me on Twitter @SMJohnsonWrites, or if your twitter stream is really busy, check my Facebook fan page SM Johnson Writes - my status updates there are mostly what I'm reading and links to the blog posts here as they are posted, so it's not too cluttered.

I'll be back full-force once the home remodeling is done and my mom is settled in a new place. Until then, whisper the Serenity prayer in my ear once in a while.

All will be well. And hey, maybe I'll have come back with some fun new blog ideas. You never know.

PS - JC Andrijeski has released the Slave Girl Chronicles in paperback, and the Allie's War series is coming next - all with brand new shiny covers. I know because she sent me the proofs - and if you're not jealous, you should be. Because remember - I've read thousands upon thousands of books, and Allie's War is my favorite series of my whole life. Seriously. I received the books in the mail and got all fan-girly. Then I saw quotes from my reviews on the back cover and got fan-girly AGAIN. Holding and caressing Allie's War books is almost as hot to me as holding and caressing my own. So anyway. If you haven't read them - GO READ THEM!


  1. Awww...I just saw this! Thanks so much for posting! Oh, and the new, improved proofs are all heading your way, with all of your awesome feedback woven in. I hope they all look good!! I owe you, bigtime!! :)

  2. Hee hee. It's a lot more fun to shout how wonderful your books are than to whine about how crabby I've been lately. But the life stuff will settle eventually - it always does! I actually feel really bummed that I'm not going to be able to keep up with the blog for a while. But honestly? Admitting that it's impossible to stick to a writing/blogging schedule right now actually decreased my stress level. Fondling AW books helps, too.

    You owe me, say what? No way. The proofs are their own reward!