Saturday, November 17, 2012

SM Johnson ~ naughty excerpt from NaNoWriMo

How about an excerpt from Dungeon 3? Still need a title. Hmm... Three in the Dungeon... ?

I titled these books a bit awkwardly, didn't I? Guess that one's all on me. Drat.

Ahem. Anyway. I said naughty excerpt, right?

The following is a rough, raw draft. So forgive me in advance. Rated ADULT. Contains sexual situations involving men.

They arrived considerably early, and once they were seated, Roman sprang his command on Jason.

"Jason. I want you to slide off your chair and stay under the table. As if you weren't even here."

Jason flashed Roman one of his cute, shocked looks, and asked, "Are you serious?"

Jeff, sitting there at the table, caught his breath, held it, his eyes on Roman, his mind taking him back to a time when he'd be the one so ordered. And when he could breathe again, Jeff said, "I don't think he's kidding."

And Jason tried to form more words, but Roman directed a glare in his direction, and Jason took a sip of his water, swallowed it with some difficulty, and then he did exactly what Roman ordered, and Roman felt Jason's warmth leaning against his shins, and though he maybe even felt Jason trembling.

Jeff grinned across the table at Roman and said, "Damn, you are such an evil bastard."

And Roman grinned back, and said, "Yeah, but you know he likes it."

Then they chatted about whatever – the baby, Jeff's latest book, how the construction was coming along – until the host brought Roman's potential clients to the table. And when the waitress came to take their drink orders, she paused, and visibly counted the people at the table, and then asked, "Wasn't there one more?"

Roman threw her a wink and said, "There was, but he had slip out of sight and take care of some things."

The waitress felt the power of the wink, and Roman could tell she wished she understood what, exactly, the joke was.

Maybe Roman would let her in on it, later.

He could still feel Jason, against his legs, a hand clammy with nerves sliding up Roman's pant leg to caress the back of his calf.

The four of them sipped their drinks, and talked for a little while about nothing, until the waitress came to take their meal orders.

Over salad and miniature loaves of warm bread, Roman slipped his hand under the table cloth and stroked Jason's hair, then pulled Jason's face tight into his crotch, and pressed forward with his hips, trying to send Jason a message.

But Jason must have been so filled with apprehension, that although he might have received the message loud and clear, couldn't believe Roman meant him to do such a thing.

Roman asked the woman, "What, exactly, are you looking for? An experience with me? A play date in which I take control of you, while your husband watches?"

The woman blushed, and her response was somewhat stammered, as she tried to explain what she wanted. "Well. I… well. Yeah, I think so. But I'd like my husband to learn how to do that."

Roman gestured with the fork in his hand, to distract anyone from noticing that his other hand was still under the table, deftly unbuttoning his pants to give Jason a nudge in the right direction. "You want me to dominate you, and through visual aid, so to speak, teach him how to be dominant?"

"Yeah," she answered, relief on her face. "That pretty much covers it."

Roman nodded, but he was really be thinking how lame that would be. "The thing is, it's not fun if it's too choreographed, you know? If it's scripted. I think you should hire me for a night – with the understanding that I would dominate both of you. I mean, if you want your husband to learn dominance, then he really needs to experience submission."

He almost sighed out loud as Jason's hands made quick work of the zipper and he felt his cock spring free. And it was only a second later that he felt Jason's lips close around him.

"I'm really not submissive," the husband said, and Roman almost laughed. All the husbands tried to say that, but he was here, wasn't he, and surely it wasn't his own idea.

"Really? Then you're as interested in hiring me as your wife is?"

"Um. Well. Not really," the man said.

Roman tried to offer a sympathetic smile. "This stuff is weird, I know. Even as much as it's fascinating, it's ultimately really weird. Especially until and unless you make it a regular part of your life. But it will give you a hard on like…" he blew a warm, stuttered breath out through puffed cheeks, ostensibly to demonstrate, but in truth because he had to, because Jason's mouth was doing something stellar to his prick under the table. "… like no other. I promise."

Roman turned his eyes to Jeff, trying to communicate what Jason was up to, and Jeff wiggled in his chair. Roman let his eyes widen, and saw Jeff's widen, as well, and knew Jeff was imagining, probably with great accuracy, what Jason was doing, maybe even remembering the feel of Roman's cock in his own mouth.

Roman felt like the most powerful man in the world at that moment.

"Jeff lived as my slave for quite a few years. I brought him as my reference, to tell you first hand that I'm honest, that I won't hurt either of you – well, not in any way that you don't want – and that I'm safe."

The man said, "I thought you were bringing two references," and he raised his eyebrows as if to imply that Roman's word was already suspect.

"Oh, I did," Roman said. "The other one is under the table with his mouth on my cock."

As if in coordination to the married man's shock, Jason reacted with some shock of his own, and Roman's announcement was punctuated by the crack of Jason's head against the tabletop.

Roman grinned.

Jeff rolled his eyes and laughed a little bit.

The wife blushed.

The husband's facial expression was frozen. Still shocked.

"Look at me," Roman said to the man, and when the husband met his eyes, Roman added, "don't break eye contact. I think you're extremely nervous that I might ask you to do something sexual with me. So, to allay your nerves, I'll ask it right now. I want you to look into my eyes as I come."

Without looking away from the husband, Roman tapped his fingers on the top of the table, and said, very quietly. "Step it up, boy. Take me all the way."

He let the husband see the arousal in his eyes, felt his pupils flare as the world fell away and all he was aware of was the husband's steady eye contact and Jason's mouth on his dick. He felt his lips part, and his breath quicken, and…

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