Thursday, February 28, 2013

SM Johnson ~ Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Sight Unseen, Imagine

Consider this the white coffee cup of surrender. I am deeply upset about something maybe not worth being so upset about. But there you go, that's my deal today.

I am a fair is fair sort of person, and I get it that I read stuff that many (most?) people wouldn't touch if it were wrapped in latex and they had three layers of plastic gloves on.

Seriously. No problem. I know that I am weird. And you don't have to feel bad for me, because I like being a little bit "off." In general, I think I'm even a little bit proud of it. Oh. Is my superiority complex showing? 'Scuse. Let me stuff that bitch back into her corner...

I have been, over the years, involved in many different on-line forums. Blogger circles (Triberr), Twitter, FetLife, the dreaded Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, 43 Things, LiveJournal, CafeMom, MySpace, yahoo groups, AOL forums... on and on and on. I'm freaking everywhere online that one can create a profile, I swear. Okay, well, no. I skipped Bing and Tumblr and some others, but I digress.

I'm not terribly active in a lot of those places, but Goodreads has tended to be my recent favorite, and I found a group of people there who love to read the sort of stuff I love to read - so I've been hanging out, not to promote my book, but because I just like it there. And because I have adored many of the books recommended to me, and so in a weird sort of way they feel like My People. It's like a personal book store - everything I like all wrapped up in pretty bows, simple enough to just pluck off the shelf. Or having a personal shopper, maybe (hee, cuz you all know how much I love shopping, yes? Well maybe you don't. I hate it. HATE it. Sort of hate leaving my house at all).

So... this is what happened. Someone in my safe, comfy, homey group rated poorly a book that I loved, and wrote a rather judgmental, negative review. The first line of the review states: "No, I did not read this book."

Does this mystify you? That someone who hasn't read something feels qualified to rate and review it?

The writer of that review clearly isn't (qualified that is). And the person is an author in their own right, so I don't know, wouldn't you keep at least one writer shoe on when reviewing stuff? I do, enough at least to hope nobody didn't read my book in order to give it a bad review.

I'm not thin-skinned. I've received my share of negative reviews - in fact, I posted snippets of them here some time back, the worst of the worst. I can take it. I wrote the stuff. Someone took the time to read it - maybe even paid a few bucks to read it - they are absolutely, 100% entitled to their opinion and are welcome to write any damn kind of review that they feel like writing. And I will suck it up. I might even say thanks.

But for someone to review negatively a book they have not read - it pisses me off.

Actually, makes me want to start an on-line shit storm, because we all know what a productive use of time and energy that is, and how effective (yeah, right.). Perhaps as effective and useful as reviewing books you haven't read.

Peace out, darlings. I have to work day shift all weekend long, so you probably won't be hearing from me. That whole "bed time" thing really decimates my ability to woo you.


  1. Being the obsessive geek that I am, of course I went looking for it, lol...if nothing else, it made me realize I've read just about ALL of your Thursday Morning Coffees, since my first thought on the scavenger hunt was to go back to March of *last* year and work my way back (you would think I have better things to do really, but sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case...). Anyway, I finally found it here, after the "right date, wrong year" theory didn't pan out. It's the white cup of surrender naturally... :) And by the way, I didn't think it was a bad rant at all, I quite liked it. Essentially you were mad at someone for pooping on your groovy thing, so that's a mama bear thing really, not just looking for a reason to criticize. I imagine your rant would be about something different, though, if you'd read that Amazon just bought GRs, right? :)

  2. Oh yeah, that would be a very different rant altogether!