Thursday, March 21, 2013


Three in the Dungeon, available NOW, exclusively at Amazon! (For the time being).

Amazon status for Three in the Dungeon.... "Publishing." It shall be there soon, my darlings!

Meanwhile, there is an ugly orange truck outside my house, and some really cold guys cutting down our tree. I mean cold in a couple different ways - first because it is 14 degrees out there, and I'm sure they are COLD. Second because it is the only tree in our front yard, and the cold bastards are cutting it down. I could just cry. I love trees, and we only have 2 live ones and one dead one in our yard - and after now it will be 1 live one and 1 dead one. Damn it.

This tree business is apparently making way for the dirt-diggers that will come tomorrow to rip up my March-frozen front yard, because our pipes froze yesterday. And then they broke. And then the far-underground water main is also frozen or corroded, and the Water Power company couldn't turn it off there even with a big pokey-T-stick thing. Which basically means that our basement is flooding and pretty much continues to flood. Go our house. Home-ownership is like one of those dreams in which everything floats along very most lovely, until all of a sudden it bites you. Grr.

Started a new book, by the way. Yeah, I know. That's like TWO new books started in the past couple of months. Added to the what... four Works in Progress that I already had going on? It's a wonder anything ever gets finished. I wish, wish, wish I could just sit tight on one thing and just DO IT from beginning to end, you know?

No, I don't know what stops me from doing that. Life in general, I guess.

For a while it was DeVante's Choice, but I've got leave from my publisher to put that baby on hold pretty much indefinitely - considering I have spent hours and days and months tinkering with it and it still doesn't feel "right" to me. Like I need a book in between Coven and Choice. Or some short stories. Or a novella... hmm.... maybe a book of short stories. But these other projects are giving me such pressure that they must be born and examined first.

I shall take another look at Ian and Piper and see if that one's next (more novella length)... and decide between it and the new story - both of which are het porn - gah! What is going on with me? Not one, but TWO het projects? Must've hit my head or something.

I think I am already saving Angel for next year - he is so decadently and deliciously naughty... that he must wait. There's a "style" or "voice" thing working within me, and I think I shall practice a bit before unleashing it on Angel, because I need Angel to be and keep being so utterly beautiful that he hurts you in the chest and the naughty bits.

Meanwhile... I am reading Psychomotor Agitation: a WIP by an intensely talented writer who goes by XIX or the Nineteen. I heard a rumor one could email him and get the whole file, and it turned out to be true. I'm not going to say much more about that, you can google or go browse Deviant Art dot com on your own... because I want you buying and reading Dungeon Three this weekend, not Psychomotor Agitation. And besides, I have decided that I don't want to be the one who leads you down the 19 path and wrecks you. That would be cruel. Absolutely yummy, but still cruel.

Have a wonderful weekend, my darlings. I will be alternately stuck in book promotion hell and sliding into evil serial killer bliss.

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