Saturday, March 23, 2013

SM Johnson ~Arrrggghh! Typos! ~

Oh. My. God. I finished reading this wonderful, terrible, beautiful, awful manuscript called Psychomotor Agitation: by the astonishing (legendary?) XIX... and am, for the moment, ruined for reading other authors.

Oh, it will pass, surely. As soon as I read everything by XIX (click the squares, then click "show this deviation anyway") that I can set my greedy little eyes upon.

In the meantime, I'm reading my new release on my kindle, and have found an embarrassing number of typos. And I mean a horrible, gut-wrenching amount of embarrassing typos.

Sigh. I do apologize.

I will be uploading a new file, probably sometime today.

If you've received a free copy directly from me, you'll have to suck it up.

If you've purchased it on Amazon, I'd advise waiting a couple of days before starting to read, because Amazon should send you a notification of an updated file. I think it takes up to 24 hours for the new file to go live.

That's it, I'm firing my copy-editor.

Self - you're fired.


Perhaps one day I should HIRE one. Trouble is, most of the typos I INSERTED MYSELF while editing... because I can't ever stop tinkering.

Peace, darlings.


  1. Hehe. Yeah, I love it when you look at a third or fourth draft and discover stuff that should have never passed a first draft...

    Well, if you're looking for an extra set of eyes, I've been looking for an author to swap editing with. I don't have anything out yet. I'm getting ready to send my first out to beta readers. My email's, if you're interested.

  2. I keep trying to have the self-discipline to release stories a month after I've finished them.

    Your typos really do show up a lot better if you wait a while before going back to it. Massaging plot points is a lot easier too with some time between finishing and publishing.

    1. You are dead on, haramiru, and I do force myself to let finished first drafts rest for at least 30 days before looking at them AT all for editing. My beta readers just get me so excited that once I hear back from them I tend to rush to publication. Ah well. It's an inexact science.

  3. PS - I think I found and eliminated most of the little cockroach typos and extra words that were hanging out in sentences where they didn't belong. Go me.