Monday, March 18, 2013

SM Johnson ~Three in the Dungeon ~ FRIDAY!

Here we go... Coming FRIDAY MARCH 22nd!

Is love enough to forsake power exchange?

Life is good for long-term partners Roman Preston and Jeff Johnson; living in Gigi's house in Minnesota, Roman's got his woodshop and cabinet contracts, and Jeff his writing, and they're building a loving egalitarian relationship. Everything changes when Vanessa and the baby move in, of course, but they all seem to be settling happily into family life.

But when Jeff's BDSM erotic fiction becomes the latest Amazon Indie success story, Roman can't help but wonder… if Jeff is still kinky in his head, what about his heart?

The synopsis is pretty simple, honestly not sure if I'll leave it like that or what, but the truth is SO MUCH happens in this book, that if I try to tease everything in the synopsis, it will be information overload. So I'm still sort of working on that.

Built the table of contents today. Added all my copyright stuff, including a credit to the AMAZING cover photographer, Karina Tischlinger, made sure the chapter breaks are in place... blah blah blah blah ***insert mind-numbing-ly boring formatting tasks here***

I will be uploading to Amazon Wednesday night, so if there aren't any glitches, it might be available slightly earlier than Friday.

If you buy, if you read, and if you find any typos, I would be ever so grateful to hear from you. Seems a few here and there always sneak through, or get in there fresh during the editing process. Drop me an email or a comment with the word, phrase, or sentence that contains the typo - that's all I need to seek and destroy. I'm a Virgo. I'd rather fix it than let them be out there embarrassing my perfectionist self.

Peace, darlings.

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