Thursday, March 28, 2013

SM Johnson ~ Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Honestly

Well this is very strange. I wrote and scheduled Thursday Morning Coffee yesterday, and somehow the muddling thing disappeared.

Probably just as well, really, because I was having a total bitch fest,  deeply upset by the idea of people reviewing and rating books they haven't read. This is so one of my hot buttons.

Positive or negative, if the thing hasn't been actually read by you, personally, you really aren't qualified to write a review. This should be a no-brainer, shouldn't it? How can you have an opinion, particularly of a book, if you haven't experienced it?

All right. I'll jump off the box now, nobody's listening, anyway.

I shall leave you, my darlings, with a toast...

Here's to new people who come into your life completely unexpectedly, and the feeling that you've been waiting to meet this person for years. That is awesome-sauce. And bacon wrapped chocolate covered cherries. Mmmmm. Bliss. Happiness.

PS. Weird and more weird - the original post landed in my in-box on my phone. Still doesn't exist here. Oh, and I stole both "awesome-sauce" and "bacon wrapped chocolate covered cherries" - FYI.

Addendum: Lost post found - apparently when I set it to auto-post, I set it for a date that's already history, though fairly recent history. Let's have a scavenger hunt - find it, tell me what the white coffee cup represented for THAT post, and leave a comment on that post... and I'll send you an ebook from my Books tab. Everybody wins, right?

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