Thursday, April 25, 2013

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~

Good morning, darlings. I suppose ya'all are looking forward to the weekend, which for me is the end of a seven day stretch off, and the beginning of a 6 out of 7 day stretch on. Yay me. And they've been calling every day to offer (beg?) me some extra shifts, which, frankly, instills a sense of dread in me, wondering what I'm in for. But there's no use worrying - we shall find out soon enough.

This is the first Thursday this month that hasn't been marked by significant snowfall. It's been the weirdest month ever, with school being closed last Friday and the Friday before - each time because of 11 to 12 inches of sticky heavy white snow, at a time of year when we are desperately ready to be done with all this weather aggravation. It's planting season, for fuck's sake.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

War: Allie's War Book 6 - available now

Good morning, darlings. Monday post today.

Have I mentioned JC Andrijeski's Allie's War series here, like ever? (Quirked eyebrow, little frown).

Oh? I have?  here and here and here and, most importantly, HERE.

Well, I suppose. It is my favorite series of my whole life. Perhaps I've said that a time or two, as well.

(Bright smile). Well, then, good! So today all I have to do is announce that War: Allie's War book six is now available as an ebook format! Yay!

If you've been an Allie's War fan, then of course you need to go buy this book, soon, sooner, soonest. Like GO. NOW. BUY.

I can't get enough of Allie. And especially of Revik. Come on in, your friends are here. What are you waiting for?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ Tatts and Stripes and Snow, Oh my!

Happy Thursday, darlings!

I wrote about my tattoos and posted pics over at tumblr, so feel free to check that out. (Ignore the couple of typos... I have no idea how to edit anything over there). I'm sure I've done it already over here, but maybe the story is a little more evolved this time around. Or maybe not.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~ I have no idea

... what I'm going to write about today. My blissful string of many days off in a row is coming to an end. Today is the last one. It has been exceptionally lovely, and I'm hoping for a repeat... repeatedly.

I have written 16,600 words of a new and very dark book. I knew all this dark reading was going to take me somewhere deliciously unpleasant. It has also brought some astonishing pleasures to me, and more laugh-out-loud correspondence than I've had in awhile.

Life is certainly a journey.

Anyway. If I follow that thought train, it's going to go deep. So how some dark instead?

Monday, April 8, 2013

SM Johnson ~ Catching up with Vampire Diaries ~ caution, whining ahead

Real rainbows. My camera.
Damon is beautiful, especially on big screen. Love the little grin. Mmmm. Kind of Lestat, kind of Brian Kinney. What's not to like?   Yes, I get to snuggle into my chair and stare at The Vampire Diaries. Fucking migraine. There are parts of this show that are stupid, like the fact that these clearly adult people keep going to high school. That, and they have about a million different talismans to protect them from vampires, to point to vampires etc, but they don't pay attention to them, even after they almost die. I give you this talisman in all seriousness, with intense drama eyes (beautiful), and tense lips. So make sure you IGNORE it, because you are ultimately TSTL.
Argh, Elena. You are an idiot. But Damon is still eye candy. I'm watching season 1, episode 12. I love television so much it's taken me about a year to get this far.
stolen from tumblr here

Thursday, April 4, 2013

SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning Coffee ~

Ahhh, good morning, my darlings, although it will likely be closer to noon when you get a chance to read this. I do apologize. I know that the pounding, keening lack-of-caffeine headache is a whore. So feed her with your favorite coffee, so she'll run off and find someone else to proposition.

I show you my favorite Thursday Morning Coffee pic because the sun is out and the snow is melting, and it is exceptionally lovely... and because I adore spring. I was blinking hibernation-fatigued eyes yesterday, adjusting to this new brightness, and tying very hard not to run over with my car very many of the children who were chasing balls and riding bikes. People get very wound up when you run over their children...